Equine Fly Repellent

  • Paraben and SLS Free100% Vegan symbolDeet Free ProductCruelty FreeEco Friendly and BiodegradableMade In The UK

    -  This bar protects your horse against flies, gnats, midges, mosquitoes, noseeums and black fly.

    -  Long-lasting protection (up to 6 hours) with just one application.

    -  Concentrated, effective, breathable and deet free.

    -  Silent application - No hissing noises and no waste from evaporation unlike the sprays!

    -  With natural lemongrass, infused catmint, neem and nine other natural and effective ingredients (no citronella!).

    -  None of the ingredients are on the FEI's Equine Prohibited Substance list.

    -  With handy tin that fits in your pocket or grooming kit.  

    For our human repellent bar and our afterbite balm (for itchy bites and insect/nettle stings) see the 'Repellent Care' page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mandie Burgess
Easy To Apply - No Fuss - It Works!

Bonnie loves it; no flies one her anymore!

Michelle Phillips
Great Value for Money

I bought this fly repellent after using several other brands without success. This one smells great, is easy to apply especially on the face, around the naval and intimate areas of the horse which are more susceptible to flies than other parts of the body. Its great value for money because all of it goes on the horse, unlike spray which gets blown away in the breeze!

Mrs C Clarke
Favourite fly repellent

Wilma loves her bar! It does the job both in the field and during exercise and it smells divine too. Super product. Best of all IT'S CRUELTY FREE and kind to the environment. Thank you

Harvey horse says, “thank you mum,

Harvey horse says, “thank you mum,” for buying the awesome solid fly repellent bar from The Solid Bar Company.
He likes it because it doesn’t ‘hiss’ like spray and because it works immediately.
I like it because it has zero waste left on cloths, hands or sponges. And of course, like my shampoo and conditioner bars..... there is no plastic packaging.
I could be an agent for this stuff. I love it

Jan Hibberd
Equine Bug Repellent - It Works!

Smells nice, kind to use, even on sensitive noses and easy to apply without making your horse squirm, like sprays do! Convenient in the field too. Also found the bar to last, hence it goes further. Flies didn't like it but horses approved! Will definitely keep using it, and will be trying out some of the other products.