Best for your hair? Liquid shampoo vs solid shampoo compared

March 07, 2024 2 min read

smile Infographic of liquid Vs solid shampoos

In the UK, approximately 520 million shampoo bottles are discarded every year.

While this statistic specifically refers to liquid shampoo bottles, it highlights the significant environmental impact of traditional packaging.

Solid shampoo bars, on the other hand, offer a more sustainable alternative, , though they still need to be pH balanced. This means avoiding the many 'alkaline' shampoo bars on the market, such as soap-based bars or those with high pH primary surfactants.

Although precise usage numbers for solid shampoo bars are not readily available, their popularity has been steadily increasing due to environmental awareness and conscious consumer choices.

To put it in perspective, if even a fraction of the UK population switched to using solid shampoo bars, it could significantly reduce plastic waste.

These bars are more concentrated than liquid shampoo, which means less packaging and more efficient transportation.

While we don’t have an exact count of how many solid shampoo bars are used annually, the growing interest in eco-friendly alternatives suggests that their adoption is on the rise.

So, if you’re considering making the switch, you’re contributing to a positive change for the environment! 

 Solid shampoo and liquid shampoo comparison

In the UK, approximately 12.8 million people used shampoos and conditioners for ‘normal’ hair in 2020. 

While this statistic specifically refers to liquid shampoo and conditioner usage, it provides insight into hair care habits.

Regarding solid bar shampoo, specific usage numbers are not readily available.

However, the growing interest in eco-friendly alternatives suggests that their adoption is on the rise. 

As is shown in the infographic above, solid bars offer a more sustainable choice and the right bar will give you fantastic results with cleaner hair for longer - choose the right bar for you with our handy guide to match the right shampoo for your hair type.

For a more detailed breakdown, a survey by Kantar indicates that 11 million people in the UK use ‘Hair Conditioners (Excluding Treatments & Masques)’ with a frequency level of ‘2 - 3 times a week’ in 2022.

This highlights the increasing popularity of solid bar conditioners as consumers seek environmentally friendly options.

While we don’t have an exact count of how many solid conditioner bars are used annually, the shift toward sustainable hair care practices is encouraging!

Infographic: Here’s Why Solid Bars Are Trending - Make The Switch Today!

So, why not join the trend now? If you've had a bad hair bar experience, don't be put off, in all probability it's not been a properly made shampoo or conditioner bar at all. If it's left your hair greasy or limp, or says it needs a 'transition' period, then it's likely not any good either!

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