Natural Vegan Castile Soaps Are Here!

August 13, 2018 6 min read

Images of Castile soap making

What is the difference between Castile soaps and your traditional soaps? 

Their ingredients, mainly.

Traditional soaps are often made with animal fat (such as lanolin and tallow), mixed with alkali substances.  This, of course, makes them far from ideal as eco-friendly, cruelty-free cosmetics.

Castile soaps are, by contrast, perfect for customers looking for vegetarian and vegan-friendly organic skin care. They replace the animal fat with olive oil (the Solid Bar Company Castile soaps contain 50% olive oil), making for much more biodegradable and sustainable personal products.

Where does the name come from? Castile is a region in north-western Spain, where this method of creating soap from olive oil was predominant.

Toledo Castle in Castilla la Mancha 

That adds an exotic, cultured edge to using castile soap, we believe.

So, if these fresh products are what you’re looking for, The Solid Bar Company’s range of skin-nourishing, natural Castile soaps will check the right boxes for you.

Our products are among the best on the market for skin rehabilitation and to assist with anti ageing.

However, our products haven’t become among the best luxury personal care products around for no reason at all. Let’s put the magnifying glass up to a few of the key ingredients that make our castile soap range totally unmissable.



The Solid Bar Company’s products love the beneficial properties of geranium essential oil, and the castile soap selection is no exception. It serves as one of the focal ingredients in our Botanical Castile Soap and Probiotic Deodorant.

andGeranium Plant

Geranium essential oil, as you must have guessed by now, comes from the Geranium plant - the most commonly cultivated species of Geranium from which the this sweet-smelling essential oil is extracted is Pelargonium graveolens.

Designed to make for a totally relaxing experience with every use, the geranium oil in our castile soap draws on its abilities to alleviate stress and depression. Of course, there are also a number of qualities that make it a top skin care product, or at least a component. For one thing, it is noted for its effectiveness in treating acne and other skin conditions.

In short, geranium oil serves as one of The Solid Bar Company’s answers to the glowing skin question. The Botanical Castile Soap product is created and available in small batches, so be careful not to miss out!



Another of our most popular and commonly sought–after products is the Herbal Castile Soap, which contains, among the ingredients on this list, bergamot essential oil. It is actually from the citrus family and has a scent that is best used in times of high stress and tension. Thes are impacts more commonplace in the fast pace of modern day life than ever.

Bergamot Fruit

Bergamot essential oil is a cold-pressed essential oil produced by cells inside the rind of a bergamot orange fruit.

The natural properties of bergamot oil are calming to the body as much as they are beneficial to the skin. It purifies the user’s skin with every use and is particularly effective as a disinfectant for cuts, grazes and even more severe wounds. Ideal qualities to look for in soap, would you not agree?

You can have all these benefits at your fingertips with a bar of the Herbal Castile Soap from The Solid Bar Company.



Western consumers may be unfamiliar with patchouli essential oil, but it is a highly–regarded ingredient when it comes to Asian medicine. Natural pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in China, Japan and Malaysia are full of the stuff. Moreover, for a good reason!

Patchouli Plant

As such, it features in a number of The Solid Bar Company’s products too – our Botanical Castile Soap among them. Its anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties aside, patchouli oil works in soaps since it is also a natural deodorant – even its name comes from the Hindi for “to scent”.

As for skin care, it is an effective remedy for common skin afflictions like eczema and acne. Well worth having a bar on the side, we think.



Wait… have we confused castile soap ingredients for those you should be putting in tonight’s stir–fry?

Actually, no. Lemongrass, or rather lemongrass essential oil, is so therapeutic and effectual as an ingredient for luxury personal care products that The Solid Bar Company has dedicated an entire castile soap product to it.


With every use, the customer restores the lustre of their skin thanks to lemongrass oil’s natural properties. Its qualities are as medicinal as they are restorative, with clinically–proven uses in relieving head and stomach aches, plus muscle pain.

So, just imagine yourself relaxing with a bar of the Lemongrass Castile Soap in a hot bath. Moreover, feel the aches and pains float away, all the while restoring your skin to its best.



Where would you expect to find something like spearmint in cosmetics? A bar of the Herbal Castile Soap from The Solid Bar Company – that’s where! It is one ingredient in an intuitive blend, designed to do your skin some favours.

Spearmint Flower - mentha spicata

For example, spearmint oil has antiseptic and anti-viral qualities that are widely celebrated. Some users prefer to apply the oil to wounds on its own, given its effectiveness as a shield against infection. The Solid Bar Company provides it in castile soap form to open up these and many other benefits to their customers.



Alongside the spearmint and bergamot essential oils in The Solid Bar Company’s Herbal Castile Soap comes lime essential oil. Given its membership to the citrus family, it is another noted antiseptic and disinfectant, but also thriving in properties that make it a must-have for cosmetics and skin care products.

Lime fruit

With lime essential oil in the mix, any signs of ageing in the skin might well be slowed down. That’s because the lime oil stimulates the restorative powers in the skin that help shield against things like wrinkles and sagging.

The antiseptic qualities of lime oil are so effective that commonplace skin afflictions like eczema and acne are only a small part of what it can treat. Think the severe issues, like psoriasis, for example.



The Solid Bar Company loves the skin care benefits from rosemary essential oil that it is probably the only ingredient on this list that features in more than one of their castile soap products. Of course, as the name would imply, it sits on the list for the Herbal Castile Soap, but it also has been used to add to the quality of the Lemongrass Castile Soap too, making for very luxury personal care products.

Rosemary plant

For the most part, it’s more for the relaxing aroma of the rosemary plant that makes it such a desirable ingredient for such skin care products. However, there is more to it than just the smell. You can never have too many antimicrobial and antiseptic agents in a bar of soap, and rosemary essential oil tops the list.



Say goodbye to any little nasties your skin suffers from whether it be acne and boils or insect bites. They are nothing that a castile soap infused with some eucalyptus essential oil can’t handle. The Solid Bar Company is well aware of that fact.

Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus oil has many “antis” against its name, and it would be backward not to include it in a skincare product. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal. Likewise, it would also be backward not to try out The Solid Bar Company’s Herbal Castile Soap and experience the wonders for yourself.



A lot of this article has been dedicated to telling you the things The Solid Bar Company’s products contain and why they are all extremely good reasons to buy them. There are a fair few things the products do not have, which are even better reasons.

No animal testing logo

The Solid Bar Company prides itself on being totally cruelty-free and vegan-friendly so that you can be assured of this little list. There is no dairy. There is no palm oil. There is no animal fat. No creature, living or otherwise, was involved, let alone harmed, in the production of these Castile soaps.



We can further assure customers on the absence of parabens in the castile soap formula. These preservatives may be commonplace in a lot of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, skin care and otherwise, but not with ours.

Paraben free

This primarily comes as a response to reports of how dangerous they can potentially be to our customers. The Solid Bar Company doesn’t have anything to do with any chemicals that can in any way be harmful to health. That is their promise.

Hope you enjoyed this Castile soapy story; if you did be sure to check out the best UK shampoo bars and all natural conditioner bars here! 

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Best wishes,

The Solid Bar Company Team

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