Luxury Woodland Conditioner Bar

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    -  This salon standard ‘Luxury Woodland Conditioner Bar’ is anti-frizz, anti-static with excellent detangling properties, including for very dry and weak or damaged hair.

    -  As our heaviest conditioner bar, it is suitable for medium thick to thick hair and the best for afro-textured hair.

    -  The scent is a musky, earthy and grounding using vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood and lavender.

    -  Best used after our gentle foaming ‘Luxury Woodland Shampoo Bar’.

    -  If you have ‘normal-oily’ hair select ‘Normal-Oily’ from the dropdown menu. This has a lighter orange butter that is naturally high in limonene so less moisturising but still suitable for medium fine to thick hair.

    -  For lighter hair types, head over to our ‘Essential’ bars for normal-dry hair.

    -  For a lighter oily hair conditioner bar, head over to our ‘Essential’ Orange and Herbal conditioner bars.

    -  Includes vegetable Keratin and two plant-based silicon alternatives for improved wet combing ability, elasticity, frizz control and shine.  

    -  Also with oat protein for hair strengthening and Pro-Vitamin B5 for volume, texture and shine.

    -  To find the most suitable shampoo and conditioner bars for your hair type, check out our ‘Match Your Hair’ guide. 

    -  Our Small/travel conditioner bar size of up to 30 washes is available in our ‘Botanical’ scent. 

    -  Cationic hair conditioner bar
    -  Salon approved
    -  Standard size bars up to 60 washes
    -  Can also be used as a shaving soap bar for both face and body
    -  Plastic free and zero waste
    -  SLS, silicone and paraben free
    -  Cruelty free
    -  Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Was hopeful

Quick and efficient service. The bars (Woodland) smell lovely but quite a masculine aroma, similar to my husband’s shaving soap. Good that the shampoo is a different colour to the conditioner as once out of the packaging there is nothing to distinguish between the two.
I’ve used these bars twice now and for me they don’t work on my hair, still leaves a slight frizz and has a dry feeling, also not as shiny as another bar I have used. As we are all made differently this may suit someone else, unfortunately not me.

HI there, thanks for your feedback on our woodland bars. Yes, they have a deep, musky scent, mainly due to the Vetiver oil in them, which also helps make a heavy, moisturising bar (our heaviest) so that it is suitable for very thick hair and also afro-textured hair. The conditioner bars have over 50% made with the best detangling ingredient on the planet, so you get excellent conditioning without weight, along with anti-frizz and anti-static control through two plant based silicone alternatives as well as Vegtable keratin and Oat protein. I'm not sure if you've looked at our 'match your hair' page on our website (link:, where you can hopefully find which bar would be most suitable for you. The botanical is a lighterbar and scent (with lavender & geranium), herbal (a citrus/mint blend) and sweet orange. The Essential bars are a simplified version of the above. If you have any bars left, you can also use the conditioner as a shave bar (nice on your legs) and the shampoo as a lovely body soap. Wishing you all the best.

The conditioner bars are a game-changer!

My hair has never felt so nourished and healthy. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a sustainable hair care option.

Thank you for this kind words Melanie! Best wishes, The Solid Bar Company Team!


Really really lovely shampoo and conditioner, it has tackled my frizz more than any other shampoo/conditioner bar or conventional liquid shampoo. I noticed the difference on the first use. I think with consistent use I can only imagine the condition of my hair continuing to improve - I've not had to use heat on my hair to tackle the frizz which is unheard of for me!
Also, wonderful customer service - I hadn't received my order after a week due to the order getting lost in delivery, I emailed and had a response within a few hours and a new order was sent out immediately and arrived the next day. I really appreciated it.

Genuinely one of the best shampoo and conditioners I have ever tried.

Jules W
Just Give It A Go!

I wanted a solid shampoo bar and these weren’t my first choice. However, at the point where i was going to give up because my hair felt so awful… i tried these, the woodland shampoo and the woodland conditioning bar. Strangely from the first use my hair felt soft, silky and manageable and with each wash since it has been the same and better. They are now my only choice of shampoo and conditioner.
I have bleached hair that if I didn’t actively condition went like straw; it was frizzy, sort of sticky with a heaviness that never felt right. Now I use a bristle brush and hairdryer and can achieve silky smooth hair with or without its natural wave every single time and the added bonus is that I don’t need to straighten my hair. Before the cuticles of my hair were never flat unless I used straighteners. Just give it a go you really don’t have anything to lose.

Best conditioner ever

So I already left a review on the shampoo bar, which is equally amazing, but I got this as well. Honestly, the shampoo bar is so good I'm not sure I even need the conditioner but it's so lovely I'm not stopping. I was looking to cut down plastic, plus never really happy with conditioners I've tried in the past; often got a greasy residue even with lots of rinsing (not helped by hard water area), and if I skipped a day washing it went instantly greasy. I'm the wrong side of 40 now so my hair needs a bit more TLC. This stuff just makes my hair feel so soft and smooth and it's so shiny! I couldn't stop stroking my own hair the first couple of days, it felt so good. Plus it smells like actual heaven or something, it's just delicious, without being too overpowering. Only need a little each time so well worth it. Never looking back!

Again, thanks for reviewing Jo! Glad you love our products as much as we do, best wishes, Rebecca.