Luxury Herbal Shampoo Bar

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    -  This is the best shampoo bar for medium fine to medium thick hair; the rosemary is also beneficial for stimulating hair growth.

    -  It has anti-dandruff, anti-frizz, anti-static, hydrating, and moisturising properties all good for weak/damaged hair.

    -  It has a minty-citrus scent, with spearmint, rosemary, lime, bergamot, eucalyptus and basil that leaves a refreshing scent to your hair.

    -  This salon standard Luxury Herbal shampoo bar gives you all the benefits of liquid shampoo without the water and plastic.

    -  It easy foam with no transition period.

    -  With a plant-based silicon alternative for frizz control, oat protein for hair strengthening and Pro-Vitamin B5 for healthy hair growth, improved texture and shine.

    -  For a ‘Normal-Oily’ hair option select that option from the dropdown menu. This has a lighter orange cleaning oil, that is naturally high in limonene, in place of the coconut oil; overall this makes this shampoo less moisturising but, now with a heavier surfactant added, is still suitable for medium fine to thick hair.

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    -  Follow on with our ‘Luxury Herbal Conditioner Bar’ with its excellent detangling properties, improved wet combing ability, softness and shine.

    -  Our Small/travel shampoo bar size of up to 30 washes is available in our ‘Botanical’ scent.

  • -  See how to use a shampoo bar correctly
    -  This bar of shampoo is safe for coloured hair and all types
    -  A fully pH balanced solid bar shampoo
    -  Salon approved with ‘Easy foam’ for hard water foaming
    -  NO transition period when switching to this UK shampoo bar
    -  A plastic free and zero waste bar shampoo
    -  SLS and paraben free
    -  Cruelty free planet friendly shampoo bar
    -  Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    -  How long does shampoo bar last? Standard size shampoo bars up to 60 washes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Kirsteen Powell
Excellent products. Friendly personalised service.

I'm very impressed with the luxury herbal shampoo and conditioner bars, which I have been using for a couple of months. They leave my fine frizz prone hair feeling soft and clean. I have had no recurrence of dandruff. They are easy to use and last well. Rebecca was very helpful in answering my questions and making suggestions. I will definitely be buying from the solid bar company again.

Debbie Sansum
The best I've come across

I have tried a few shampoo bars and this one is by far the best on my hair. From someone who has always used salon only shampoo in the past I'm particularly fussy.

Good for grey hair

Decided to try natural shampoo bars during lockdown. I am very pleased with the result. Great for grey hair as it prevents it dying out. I have really hard water so the bar doesn’t lather but it still works. I also bought the Conditioner which is good.

Hi Natasha, thank you for your feedback. So glad to hear the bars are working for you! I believe the shampoo bars lather less with grey hair (rather than due to the water). I had one of the Salonists tell me one time it lathered all day on each customer except a lady with grey hair, something to do with when the hair stops producing melanin, as we have created the bars to lather in hard water, as we have here ourselves!
Thank you.

Lovely Fresh Smell

Easy to lather and makes your hair feel great. I really like the scent of the Herbal shampoo & conditioner, however I do find the smell once my hair is dry is much more subtle than the Botanical one, but it would not stop me using it. I haven't been disappointed by one of The Solid Bar Company's products yet! So glad I found you.

Good hair despite hard water!

Can’t believe it, good hair despite living in an area with very hard water. I just couldn’t get the results I’d hoped for with it initially but after calling Rebecca was reassured that it would work but I had to use it differently. I was sent a bar with the easy foam and can testify it did just that! Love it and know my using it is better for the planet and my hair. Thank you!

Hello Faith, amazing how much hard water effects daily life isn't it - so glad that you found that our easy-foam bars are working so well for you! Thanks, Rebecca.