Simple Animal Soap Recipe

 Lots of animal soaps for kids

Simple Animal Soap Recipe

This is a super simple, inexpensive soap recipe that you could do with the children.  It literally takes just minutes. 

Children always seem to love these and it’s a good way to get them to use a very gentle but fun product that is SLS free, palm oil free and Glycerine based – non-drying, this is a natural humectant, which draws moisture to your skin making it soft and supple. 

Suitable for all skin types, including oily skin - they are also a great plastic free alternative to shower gel. 

They certainly make popular Children’s gifts too!

To make 8 individual soaps you will need:-

 Animal soaps for kids


  • Pyrex Jug
  • Large Knife for cutting up soap base
  • Scales
  • Spatula
  • Microwave (or stove can be used)



  • 1kg Melt & Pour Soap Base – Clear, SLS Free - obtained from
  • An insect Silicone Handmade Soap Mould; there are many to choose from online or you can always improvise with your own.
  • Soap Colour for Melt & Pour Soaps (water based) again, many are available online.
  • Witch Hazel/rubbing alcohol in small spray bottle (find both on and glass rather than plastic spray bottles at – not entirely essential to have but will just get rid of any surface air bubbles.
  • 50ml bottle of essential oil, such as sweet Orange, Lime, Lavender from



  1. Turn soap base container upside down and gently ease out the entire base.
  2. Cut up soap base in half and half again.
  3. Weigh out 570g which will be enough to make all the insects on the mould.
  4. Place into Pyrex jug.
  5. Either put into the microwave on ‘medium’ setting for 2 minutes. Check regularly and keep heating until completely melted or place Pyrex into large saucepan with hot water and melt over stove.
  6. Add 7-10 drops of chosen colour and stir.
  7. Add 20g essential oils and stir.
  8. Gently pour into moulds.
  9. Spray with witch hazel/alcohol to stop any bubbles forming.
  10. Leave to set for 30 minutes (once set slightly, can also put into fridge to set faster).
  11. Package into grease proof paper/compostable bags, etc.
  12. Give out as gifts and enjoy!

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