Simple Soaps for Kids and You!

DIY shaped soaps

How To Make Homemade Simple Soaps for Kids and You!

This  is a great simple fun soap recipe to make with the kids and for the kids or for you! 


 ******* THE RECIPE *******

Easy Soap Recipe

This recipe totals 340g which will make 4 x star/heart soaps - if you want to make a different quantity, just adjust each ingredient accordingly.


  • 1kg ‘SLS Free, Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base’ (
  • (10g-13g) Essential oil of choice; e.g. use 10g (3%) for lavender, Geranium or 13g (4%) for - Orange, Lemon and other citrus oils.
  • Soap Colours ( – look for ‘soap making bath bomb cosmetic colours’ here is a pack of 10 
  • Spray Alcohol to stop bubbles. Ideally in 10ml/25ml glass spray bottle (spray bottles at, IPA alcohol at
  • Glitter or dried flowers, such as dried roses, Lavender, cornflower (all optional) (Glitter at – one of many, dried flowers at



  • Spatula
  • Glass Pyrex jug
  • Shot glass (optional)
  • Scales
  • Silicon moulds (hearts, stars, insects, etc. as below at Amazon/EBay)



  1. Weigh out the clear soap base required by slicing it into a few chunks and putting on the scales in Pyrex jug.
  2. Weigh out essential oil into a shot glass directly on the scales (this speeds up the process pour essential oils directly into the liquid soap base.
  3. Put soap in Pyrex jug into the microwave for 1-2 minutes on a medium setting until melted. Check regularly as you don’t want to over-melt it too much or it’ll evaporate.
  4. Meanwhile prepare your soap bases by adding any optional dried flowers or glitter by sprinkling a little into the base of each one.
  5. When the soap has melted to liquid form, remove from microwave and add a few drops of colour and the essential oils you are using. (If the soap has cooled too much, it will form a slight skin on the surface, if this happens, just gently heat the soap again until melted again).
  6. Gently pour your melted soap mixture into your four moulds. (you can add more dried flowers/glitter to the top of each mould if you like and gently press down to make sure the flowers are in place.
  7. Spray with the alcohol to get rid of any bubbles.
  8. Leave the moulds in place for 10mins or so then, if you like, transfer to fridge or freezer to speed up drying process (about 10-15 mins), or leave in place for a further 20-25 mins.
  9. Peel down the sides of the mould and carefully remove the soap.
  10. Ready to use straight away or wrap tightly in a bag with ribbon for a beautiful gift. Enjoy!

Kind regards, Rebecca

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