Award Winning Shampoo Bars & Conditioner Bars

Our multiple award-winning, UK-made 'Luxury' and 'Essential' shampoo bars and conditioner bars as well as our 2-in-1 bars have been formulated over a number of years. They are luxury vegan shampoo bars and conditioner bars all pH balanced, and created to salon standards, leaving you with clean, shiny, and healthy hair.

These shampoo bars for hair use a blend of gentle, foaming ingredients, combined with proteins, vitamins, and plant-based silicone alternatives.

All the conditioner bars use the best cationic detangling ingredients on the planet to leave you with hair that is soft, shiny, and manageable. Our 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bars use a combination of both.

Sustainable and ocean-friendly, these zero-waste, fully biodegradable haircare bars are vegan, SLS-free, fragrance-free, and palm oil-free, and plastic-free. They have all the benefits of liquid hair care minus the water and plastic which also makes them 70% lighter. They are today's shampoo bars and conditioner bars of choice. They are suitable for thick, fine, curly, straight, and coloured hair.

Also, check out our purple shampoo bars for silver hair and highlighted hair.

Watch this short video highlighting the key differences between our Luxury and Essential shampoo hair bars and conditioner hair bars.