Award Winning Natural Conditioner Bars

Award Winning Natural Conditioner Bars

What are conditioner bars?

Conditioner bars for hair are solid, undiluted version of their liquid/cream counterparts. Unlike liquid conditioners, our conditioner bars are boxed in a home-compostable cardboard box, making them a much more eco-friendly option.

Do conditioner bars work?

Yes, without a doubt. These best conditioner bars UK are just as effective as liquid conditioners, but they are much more concentrated so you'll only need a little bit of them to achieve results. They will leave your hair soft and silky! Just read our hundreds if reviews from happy customers!

How to use conditioner bars?

Using a solid conditioner bar is so easy. After shampooing, slide the bar over the ends of your hair. Put the bar down then massage the conditioner thoroughly into your hair. Leave it for up to 2 minutes. Then rinse it out and feel how soft, silky and lightweight your hair is.

If you'd like to see how to use a conditioner bar here's a short video to help you.

Are conditioner bars good for hair?

Most definitely. They are just as effective as, if not more so than, their plastic-contained counterparts. Our conditioner bars are better for your hair as they don't use harsh ingredients like sulphates, parabens, or any synthetic fragrance. As a bonus they're plastic-free, easier to travel with, and longer lasting than liquid conditioner.

If you’re looking for the best natural solid hair conditioner bar, these UK made natural hair conditioner bars are just what you need. They contain no artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives, or parabens. Instead, they use only naturally derived ingredients such as oat protein, plant keratins, Pro-Vitamin B5 and vegan silicon alternatives. 

Our Essential Natural Hair Conditioner Bar was entered into the Top Santé Haircare Awards 2021 in the Best Everyday Hair Conditioner category and was awarded  *** Silver Award Winner! ***

In case you are of the impression that conditioning and moisturising are the same thing please, they are NOT - read on.

To put it simply, conditioning ingredients can moisturise but moisturising ingredients can't condition! Moisturising comes from the addition of butters and oils in a product. A shampoo bar with oils will make it more moisturised but not conditioned. This is because oils are non-ionic (neutral). Conditioning ingredients are cationic (positively charged).

Why is this important? Because positively charged ingredients can 'adsorb' (not absorb) to the surface of our negatively charged hair. This has the great effect of protecting our hair and making it healthier. It makes the cuticle lay flatter, it reduces tangling and static electricity. It increases both softness and shine. Oils and butters are not able to do this.

Just because a shampoo bar has oils added to it, it doesn't make it a shampoo/conditioner (2-in-1 bar). Similarly conditioner bars that just have anionic (negatively charged) ingredients with added butters and oils, doesn't make them conditioner bars.

Sadly, many bar conditioners and 2-in-1 bars on the market have high levels of butters and oils but little to no cationic ingredients. This will only add moisture but no conditioning, sometimes leading to limp, greasy hair with none of the other results your hair needs and will get from our conditioner bars!

For long lasting results, both our 2-in-1 bars and our bar conditioners have cationic ingredients adding protection and shine without weighing down the hair!

So what's the difference between our conditioner bars?

The Luxury conditioner bars are good for thick, curly, straight, dry or very dry, afro-textured, bleached and coloured hair with added plant based ingredients for frizz control. (Woodland is our heaviest bar, Orange our lightest).

The Essential conditioner bars are a simpler version of these, good for dry, fine, curly, straight hair (with light frizz control only).

Try them today; they average 60 washes per bar, and they also double up as shave bars!

The ‘Luxury' and 'Essential' Hair Natural Hair Conditioner Bars and Shave Bars contain the best detangling ingredient in the world, Behentrimonium methosulfate (BTMS 50) - a palm oil free version, that doesn’t weigh hair down. They are probably the best natural hair conditioner bars made in the UK.

Both 'Luxury' natural hair conditioner bars and 'Essential' natural conditioner hair bars have added ‘salon’ ingredients including proteins, pro-Vitamin B5 and a plant based silicone alternative.  The 'Luxury' natural conditioners hair bars have an additional silicone alternative as well as plant based keratins.

The range of solid natural conditioner hair bars all contain plastic free, palm oil-free, cruelty-free, and natural vegan ingredients. All our natural hair conditioner bars are eco-friendly; packaged in zero-waste, plastic-free, recyclable materials.

Making the switch from commercial to natural is easy and if you have already made the switch to a natural shampoo bar, why wait? Natural hair conditioner bars are perfect for restoring and maintaining healthy, natural hair.

So isn't it time you started using the best natural hair conditioner bars in the UK that are plastic free, zero waste, cruelty free, silicone free and palm oil free?