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The Full Low Down On The Solid Bar Company's Owners

The Solid Bar Company owners and founders are wife and husband team, Rebecca and Nicholas Bennett.  In 2015 they brought their experience, professionalism and passion to The Virgin Islands from the United Kingdom to establish a new business, having quite literally sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to get there!

Already passionate about eco-friendly natural products from sustainable sources, whilst at sea for almost three years and after almost 12,000 nautical miles, they became acutely aware of the need for, but real lack of, high quality, readily available personal care products that were safe for the environment, would do a great job, be better for the health of their young family as well as contribute towards a better planet for their children and, in turn, their children's children. 

So, they set about creating their own range!

Rebecca, already a qualified horticulturalist and aromatherapist,  developed a range of organic, hand-made and eco-friendly luxury care items that are not only fabulous to use but also help the planet by having good quality, natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals.  

You can use them for yourself and your family whether on land or at sea as they have minimal packaging designs that are also either biodegradable, recyclable or both.

The following is a list of just a few of the many positives to be found in all their bars; they are:

  • highly concentrated and very long lasting
  • lighter than their liquid counterparts (which often contain 80% water!)
  • more space efficient than standard counterparts
  • stable with absolutely no chance of messy leakage
  • solid and 'carry-on' approved
  • created from sustainable sources and bio-degradable ingredients
  • natural, safe and organic
  • created using pure luxury ingredients
  • child-friendly
  • pet-friendly

In early 2017, the company relocated to Florida to accommodate growing needs, to be closer to ingredient sources and to offer faster delivery to their main consumer markets.

All The Solid Bar Company home and body products are hand-made in the USA by our small family of support staff. They are created in small batches to their fully-tested formulations, using only carefully sourced and selected, natural and organic ingredients. 

All the products reflect a belief that nature knows best and that organic body care products can be offered at reasonable prices yet still help protect you and the environment.  

Why not join us on the Planet Friendly page right here.


(*Please note that our products have not been evaluated by the FDA and do not promise to cure medical conditions.)


We’re committed to cruelty-free development and vow to never test our products on animals.


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