Luxury Botanical Shampoo Bar

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    -  Best shampoo bar for medium fine to thick hair, including afro-textured hair.

  • -  This bar is anti-frizz, anti-static, moisturising for normal to dry and weak/damaged hair.

  • -  Floral and grounding with calming Geranium, Lavender and Patchouli, that leaves your hair with a refreshing scent.

  • -  Combine with the Botanical Conditioner Bar with its excellent detangling properties, improved wet combing ability, softness and shine.

    -  If you have ‘normal-oily’ hair select ‘Normal-Oily’ from the dropdown menu. This has a lighter orange cleaning oil that is naturally high in limonene, in place of the coconut oil; this is less moisturising, but still suitable for medium fine to thick hair.

    -  For super thick/afro-textured hair, check out our Woodland Bar.

    -  For lighter hair types, head over to our ‘Essential’ shampoo bars for normal-dry hair.

    -  For a lighter oily hair bar, head over to our ‘Essential’ Orange and Herbal shampoo and conditioner bars.

    -  This salon standard Luxury Botanical shampoo bar gives you all the benefits of liquid shampoo without the water and plastic.

  • -  Easy foaming with no transition period.

    -  With a plant-based silicon alternative for frizz control, Oat protein for hair strengthening and Pro-Vitamin B5 for healthy hair growth, improved texture and shine.

    -  To find the most suitable shampoo and conditioner bars for your hair type, check out our ‘Match Your Hair’ guide. 

  • -  See how to use a shampoo bar correctly
    -  This bar of shampoo is safe for coloured hair and all types
    -  A fully pH balanced solid shampoo bar
    -  Salon approved with ‘Easy foam’ for hard water foaming
    -  NO transition period when switching to this UK shampoo bar
    -  A plastic free and zero waste bar of shampoo
    -  SLS and paraben free
    -  Cruelty free planet friendly shampoo bar
    -  Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    -  How long does a shampoo bar last? Small/travel shampoo bars up to 30 washes, standard shampoo bars up to 60 washes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Karen K
Glad I Found This Shampoo Bar Company

I've tried quite a few other bars on the market before I got here and none of them lived up to my expectations, but this one is a winner for me. Not just great for my hair, leaving it feeling clean and fuller without the frizz, it smells divine too. Once you get used to using a bar it's easy and it lathers really well even in our hard water area and would be hard, no impossible!, to go back to liquid shampoos with all that plastic and water in them.


I used this alongside the botanical conditioner and I love them both. It leaves my normally dry frizzy irritating hair soft and actually brings out the curls that I didn’t know I had! If you’re considering trying it then don’t hesitate. Lovely products 😊

First shampoo bar to work

I'm in a hard water area and used different shampoo bars for a year, but all left a residue in my hair that couldn't be shifted by even clarifying shampoo - had to take a professional hairdresser to fix it. Just as I was about to give up on bars I found this site, Rebecca's blogs seem really knowledgeable about the science behind ingredients and hard water so I gave it one last shot before going back to liquid in plastic and it's the first bar that works! Even for curly hair. I'm now converted to using only The Solid Bar Co, and have told all my friends about them! I'm going to try their body bars on my next order too

Hello Hanna, thank you for taking the time to write that wonderful review. The Boss (Rebecca!) has studied the science and formulations for many years now to ensure that all our bars work in hard water - and soft water too - and that all types of hair are catered for by the variants she has created whilst still totally in keeping with the overriding company ethics of being sustainable, zero waste, 100% vegan, palm oil free, water free, alcohol free and plastic free! Best wishes to you and great to hear that you are being an 'ambassador' for our products too! The Solid Bar Company Support Team

Fabulous products

After years of trying different shampoos and shampoo bars , I have finally found the one for took a few weeks for all the nasty’s to wash out but now my hair feels soft and looks healthy and shiny. I use the shampoo for oily hair and the conditioner for normal to dry hair.I only have to wash my hair once a week and the sent is beautiful, especially for someone who loves a hint of patchouli.
The shampoo and conditioner are worth every penny.
Thank you x

Hello Jackie - thank you very much for writing up such a great review and explaining your 'shampoo travels' - I'm sure many people will identify with this story - we're glad to have you along as customer! Best wishes, Rebecca - Company CEO

Really lovely

A very nice product my hair is extra shiny now, I purchased the shampoo for oilly hair and the conditioner for dry/normal hair which is perfectly for my fine and wavy hair not weighing it down. I have quite sensitive skin so nicely fragrant products can be tricky but this has been no problem, smells great. I’ll be trying the Herbal one next. Lovely customer service too. Thank you x