Simple Whipped Body Butter Recipe


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How To Make Your Own Body Butter - Simply!

This is a simple recipe that shows you just how easy it is to make your own Body Butter in your own home.

All you need is some basic equipment that every kitchen has these days.

In this particular body butter recipe we show you how to make a citrus scented butter but you can easily adapt the recipe for any scent that you prefer.

We also have a short video for you to watch to see just how easy it is!

This easy 250g Body Butter Recipe will make 2 or 4 tins for you to keep or share as great gifts.


- Electric hand mixer (with balloon whisk)

- Mixing bowl (microwaveable)

- Scales

- Spatula

- 3 x Aluminium tins (large) 85ml or 4 x Aluminium tins (small) 60ml
We sell suitable aluminium tins here on our website.They are available in multiple packs on Ebay/Amazon.


- 125g (50%) Mango Butter - Organic is good (

- 75g (30%) Refined Shea Butter (

- 40g (16%) Sweet Almond oil (

- 2g (1%) Jojoba oil Organic or Golden (or use 42g Almond oil instead) (

- 8g* (3%) Essential oils (citrus blend), for this I used 3g Grapefruit E oil, 3g Sweet Orange E oil, 2g Lime E oil. (

*If using other non-citrus essential oils, such as Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosewood etc. reduce amount to 5g (2%) and increase Sweet Almond Oil to 43g.


1. Weigh out butters into mixing bowl and melt in microwave.

2. Add Almond oil and stir.

3. Place in freezer for a few minutes (or fridge for longer), checking regularly as to when the edges of the mixture start to go white (as it starts to set) but mixture is still primarily clear .
Remove from freezer and use a spatula to stir mixture including scraping the slightly white edges.

4. Add essential oils and stir with spatula.

5. Whisk with electric mixer for about 10-15 seconds or so.

6. Place back in freezer/fridge for 5-10 minutes checking regularly for entire mixture to go white and thicken slightly (it will still be fairly liquid at this point).

7. Remove from freezer and whisk again for about 1 minute.

8. You should now have a whipped butter, if not place back in freezer/fridge for a few more minutes, checking it regularly until it's fairly white and a thick liquid.

9. Whisk again until you get to a whisked butter stage you are happy with.

10. Put into tins and enjoy!

That is it!!! Make it for your friends and family and they'll love you for it!

(Note: I am not affiliated with any company, it's just easier and cheaper to get your ingredients from as few outlets as possible)

Best wishes, Rebecca

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