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What The Solid Bar Company Stands For

Product Quality and Ethics

- All of The Solid Bar Company natural solid shampoo bars, natural solid conditioner bars, soaps and other personal care toiletries are 100% vegan, palm oil free, water free, alcohol free and plastic free. We create all our solid bars in concentrated form in the UK using natural essential oils for our scents so they are all synthetic fragrance free and chemical free. They are extremely convenient for any form of travel; they are long lasting ‘no spill’ and ‘carry on’ approved. Our packaging eliminates all plastic bottles and we use light, recyclable or fully biodegradable or even naked packaging to ensure zero-waste. We’re also committed to cruelty-free development and vow to never test our products on animals -

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** Your Purchases To Date Have Saved The Planet From 251,280 Plastic Bottles **
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