Pro-Vitamin B5

Pro-Vitamin B5


Pro-Vitamin B5, or DL Panthenol, is used to add moisturisation and improve your hair structure whilst adding lustre and sheen.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe skin and scalp.

Also called Panthenol or Dexpanthenol, Provitamin B5 is a member of the powerful B-complex vitamin family. When your skin absorbs Provitamin B5 from a skin care product, the provitamin transforms into vitamin B5 (also known as pantothenic acid).

This acid has natural moisturising, soothing, healing and regenerating properties. As a key ingredient, it works to keep your skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Panthenol is a chemical substance made from pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B-5. It occurs organically and can also be produced from both plant and animal sources. It’s used as an additive in various cosmetic products around the globe.

You very likely have pantothenic acid in your system right now, since it occurs in so many common food sources. And you’ve likely used a cosmetic or personal care product with panthenol within the last 24 hours.

Panthenol takes the form of either a white powder or a transparent oil at room temperature.

Hair care products include panthenol because of its ability to improve your hair’s, shine, softness and strength. It can also help protect your hair from styling or environmental damage by locking in moisture.

Studies have found that panthenol may help slow down and hide the look of thinning hair.