How To Make Your Own Face Cream!

Woman applying face cream

How To Make Your Own Face Cream - Simply!

 This is a simple easy to follow recipe to make your own natural face cream.

Face Cream Recipe  

** Makes 3 x 100g Jars

Scroll down below the video for Night Cream and Eye Cream alternative recipes

 Heated Water Phase Ingredients

  • 138g (46%) Distilled water [car shops or supermarkets]
  • 48g (16%) Aloe vera (either powder and add water or juice or gel) []
  • 45g (15%) Hydrosol (any from Lavender, Rose, Rosemary, Witch hazel, etc.) []
  • 6g (2%) Glycerin []

 Heated Oil Phase Ingredients

  • 24g (8%) Carrier oils (Evening primrose, Apricot kernel, Meadowfoam, etc.) []
  • 12g (4%) BTMS or similar []
  • 6g (2%) Cetyl alcohol []

 Cool Down Ingredients

  • 6g (2%) Wheat protein []
  • 6g (2%) D-Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) []
  • 3g (1%) Botanical extract (Calendula, chamomile, rosehip seed, etc.) []
  • 4g (1.5%) Essential oils (Geranium, Lavender, Frankincense, citrus, etc.) []
  • 2g (0.5%) Preservative 12 []


  • Scales
  • Spatula
  • Pyrex jugs x 2
  • Thermometer for cooking, jam, etc. (preferably two) [ebay/amazon]
  • Electric hand blender (I have Russell Hobbs, Amazon)


  1. Put water phase ingredients into a glass pyrex jug.
  2. Put oil phase ingredients into a glass pyrex jug.
  3. Heat both to 70c and hold for about 20 minutes at this temperature.
  4. Mix the water phase ingredients into the oil phase ingredients and stir with stick blender until completely mixed. Use a hand blender once or twice more whilst mixture cools.
  5. When temperature reaches around 45c, add cool down ingredients. Use hand blender again to mix.
  6. Allow mixture to come to room temperature and spoon into jars. Enjoy!



Night Cream or Richer Cream recipe

Just adjust the main recipe above and instead use 120g (40%) water and add extra 6g (2%) Glycerin [to water phase ingredients] and 12g (4%) Squalane (  [to oil phase ingredients].  You could also go for slightly heavier carrier oils; Almond, Jojoba, etc.


EYE Cream Recipe (140g)

Heated Water Phase Ingredients

  • 35g (24.5%) Distilled water
  • 14g (10%) Aloe gel/juice/powder with water []
  • 14g (10%) Witch Hazel Hydrosol Floral water []
  • 15g (11%) Chamomile)/Lavender Hydrosol []
  • 7g (2.5%) Glycerin []

 Heated Oil Phase Ingredients

  • 5g (3%) Cetyl Alcohol []
  • 11g (8%) BTMS []
  • 15g (11%) Evening primrose oil []
  • 7g (5%) Arnica infused sunflower oil) []

Cool Down Ingredients

  • 6g (2%) Wheat protein []
  • 6g (2%) D-Panthenol []
  • 7g (5%) Calendula Extract []
  • 2g (0.5%) Perservative 12 []
  • 7g (5%) Revital eyes [ or .com] ***
  • 2g (0.5%) Essential oil (Frankincense/Lavender) []


Same as above for face cream!

*** Revital-Eyes is an anti-aging, anti-wrinkling, lifting, tightening, reducing dark circles and bags under eyes.  It is quite crucial to having the most amazing eye cream.  You can get it from the company shown in Italy (though they have had some issues of shipping since Brexit, so last time I got it from the same online store in the USA and paid for the extra shipping – about £35 to the UK).  As I only get it every couple of years, I find it is well worth it.

Best wishes, Rebecca

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