DIY Eye Make Up Remover Recipe!

Girl with great eye make up

How To Make Your Own Eye Makeup
Remover - Simply!

This is the best eye make-up remover I have tried, and I’ve tried a few, even pure Coconut oil which left everything blurry for a while afterwards, so blurry that I couldn’t read my book at bedtime.

It's absolutely great, not too greasy and does the job - removes your eye makeup easily and without fuss - perfectly, leaving your skin soft and moisturised.

This simple recipe shows you just how easy it is to make your own Eye Makeup Remover quickly, simply and cheaply on your stove at home!.

All you need is some basic equipment that every kitchen has these days.

We also have a short video for you to watch to see just how easy it is!

The recipe below will make 250g and last at least three months, even if used every day, and cost just a few pounds to make!

If you want to make a different quantity, I have put percentages for each ingredient to make your adjustment, up or down, that much simpler.

 ******* THE RECIPE *******

To make 250g of Eye Make-Up Remover 

The equipment you will need:

- 2 x large saucepans

- 2 x glass Pyrex jugs

- 1 x Glass bottle (I like the brown syrup bottles at

- 1 x Thermometer

- 1 x Scales

- 1 x Spatula

Ingredients you will need:

1. The Water Based Ingredients (77% of total)

- 188g (75%) De-Ionised/Distilled Water (from supermarket, ironmonger, motor shop, Halfords or online)

- 5g (2%) Vegetable Glycerine (from

2. The Oil Based Ingredients (18% of total)

- 15g (6%) Polysorbate 80 (from

- 30g (12%) Sunflower, organic if possible (from any food store) or cucumber virgin carrier oil (from, more expensive or use a combination of both!

3. The Cool Down Ingredients (5% of total)

- 5g (2%) Hydrolysed protein (OPTIONAL) (wheat protein – Kelyamin liquid) (from but shipping is pricey, also from on Ebay under ‘Wheat protein – Hydrolyzed’)

- 5g (2%) Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) (liquid version from the liquid version is more cost effective in smaller quantities right now. You can also buy ‘panthenol powder’ on Ebay but it is more expensive.

- 2g (1%) Preservative (preservative 12) (from (Note: I’m not affiliated with any of these companies, I have just tried to provide you with the best value and minimise shipping costs.)


1. Pour the water-based ingredients into one Pyrex jug.

2. Pour the oil-based ingredients into a separate Pyrex jug.

3. Heat both to 70c.

4. Pour the water-based ingredients into the oil-based ingredients and stir.

5. Let cool to 45c.

6. Add the Cool Down ingredients. Stir again. Let cool.

7. Pour into a glass bottle and enjoy!


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Best wishes, Rebecca CEO/Founder

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