Make Your Own Natural Face Toner!


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How To Make Your Own Natural Face Toner - Simply!

This is a simple recipe that shows you just how easy it is to make your own Natural Face Toner in your own home.

This is a simple and effective recipe you can make at home in your kitchen.

We also have a short video for you to watch to see just how easy it is!

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You can get pretty much all the ingredients from two places, and use many of the same ingredients in our other recipes!
The following explains in easy steps from start to finish how to create your own and just one 225g Face Toner bottle should last months!
  • Scales Funnel Pyrex jug or similar
  • Small bowl/cup
  • Thermometer
  • Spatula
  • Large saucepan
  • Glass Bottles ( 250g bottles or 2 x 125g bottles
  • 68g (31%) *Rose hyrdrosol/Witch Hazel (
  • 53g (24%) *Lavender hydrosol (
  • 56g (25%) Distilled water/cucumber extract = 51g water + 5g of cucumber extract (from - Distilled water from any motor shop.
  • 22g (10%) Distilled water/Aloe (22gwater 0.11g Aloe 1:200) (Aloe powder from
  • 4g (1.8%) Glycerin ( /or Sodium lactate for acne/oily skin (optional) (available at
  • 11g (4.9%) Phyto Keratin (
  • 4g (1.8%) D- Panthenol liquid (pro-Vitamin B5) (
  • 1g (0.5%)Calendula Extract (
  • 2g (1%) Preservative 12 ( Few drops of Essential oil, e.g. Geranium (optional)
*These hydrosols are good for both normal/dry and oily skin but there are an array on offer and you can always change these around and try new ones. Geranium hydrosol is also very nice and Rosemary is also good for acne prone skin. You might just want to add as few as possible to save on postage!
  1. Weigh the hydrosols into a Pyrex jug
  2. Weigh out the distilled water and cucumber powder and add to small bowl. Weigh out the distilled water and Aloe Vera powder and add to same small bowl.
  3. Add both the cucumber and aloe blends into the Pyrex jug with hydrosols.
  4. Heat the Pyrex jug in a pan of hot water to 60c, stirring occasionally as the Aloe and cucumber powders melt (or very gently in the microwave checking regularly being careful not to overheat the mixture).
  5. Once it has reached 60c, take it off the stove and allow it to cool down to around 45c.
  6. Add the Glycerin, Phyto keratin, panthenol, Calendula extract and preservative.
  7. Give it a good stir. Once it has cooled down a little more, pour into bottles and enjoy!

Best wishes, Rebecca

P.S. This video was made here at The Old Chapel, Wootton Rivers superb holiday accommodation near Marlborough, Wiltshire 

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