Frankincense Probiotic Deodorant

  • Palm Oil FreeParaben and SLS freeVegan productCruelty FreeEco friendly productMade In The UK

    This gentle and effective probiotic deodorant is sodium bicarbonate free, aluminium free and plastic free. Infused with plant based emollients for easy glide.

    It is a 100% natural and long-lasting aluminium-free deodorant to give you effective protection from body odour leaving just a subtle frankincense fresh scent.

    Unlike traditional antiperspirants which block the skin’s pores, The Solid Bar Company bicarb free natural deodorants work by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria. So no nasty chemicals on you, no unpleasant odours and no white marks on your clothes!

    -  Sodium Bicarbonate free deodorant

    -  Aluminium free deodorants

    -  Plastic free deodorant

    -  Long lasting protection and freshness

    -  All natural safe ingredients

    -  Vegan and cruelty free deodorant

    -  Great for sensitive skin

    To use this aluminium free deodorant simply apply with your fingertips to underarms, using an amount about the size of a pea, ensuring you have a generous covering; this will not block your sweat glands.

    For more information on the difference and how to transition from antiperspirants to deodorants read All You Need To Know About Safe, Rash-Free & Probiotic Deodorants

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fran Tattersall
Love these deodorants

I’ve been using these deodorants for a few years and get on really well with them. Read the blog post about them before you start (shave those pits ladies!). Things I love - being left with just a small tin that I can reuse or recycle; made in the uk; putting on my deodorant is at least a partial breast check every day. Plus of course no nasty chemicals and a gentle smell.

Hi Fran - thank you for taking the time to write such a positive review of our probiotic deodorants! You've raised some very pertinent points, about the daily partial breast check, no chemicals, the gentle scents and to read the informative blog post we have posted, entitled 'Time To Switch To The No.1 Probiotic Deodorant?' as here: - kind regards, the Solid Bar Company Team!

Mel Bridget C
Works for me all day!

I needed to change from my ordinary deodorants, I must admit I was worried about the aluminium content and the way it blocked my pores. After a very brief transition period I use this daily and now I find this natural deodorant is so easy to apply, seems to last for ages and I've no aluminium worries, so recommended by me for sure!

Really works

Amazing smell. This stuff really works. Also it is dry which is good.

A brave but fantastic decision!

Readers should know that I'm not great with fragrance. Most women's perfumes, and even body lotions, set-off an allergic reaction for me, streaming eyes, stuffy nose etc. None of that with this wonderfully and naturally scented deodorant! I love it! I wanted to try a non-aluminium based deodorant and felt that I needed to be brave. I've had no regrets. This deodorant works well and smells great, without being overpowering. I've ordered three more of the Frankinscence and I'm going to try the other scents too.

Excellent news Penny - thanks for trying our new aluminium-free deodorants and coming back for more - yes they really are effective and better for you and your body than most of the mainstream products! best wishes, Rebecca