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They work effectively to repel mosquitoes, gnats, midges and noseeums when you're outdoors at sports, fishing, hiking, gardening, as well as indoors whilst protecting up to six (6) hours. With repellent ingredients as approved by both the CDC and the EPA. 

All our Bug Bars are now 100% vegan!  Each new handy travel size bug bar is equivalent to two (2) standard bug repellent spray bottles and lasts up to thirty (30) applications, whilst the home size equals five (5) and lasts up to sixty (60) applications!  

They are deet free, totally waterless and super concentrated so they don't evaporate like sprays do.  They smell fantastic and are easy to use, as you just rub the bar onto exposed skin.   Each bar contains nine totally natural bug repelling ingredients including CDC approved Menthoglycol (PMD), protecting you for up to six (6) hours. They come in recyclable and biodegradable packaging and are suitable from age 3+ years.

414 Awesome Bug Repellent - Tropical from $ 18.99
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423 Insect Bite Relief Balm $ 13.99
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430 Natural Bug Repellent Candle $ 13.99
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