Award Winning Nappy Cream

  • Palm Oil FreeParaben and SLS free product symbolVegan ProductCruelty FreeBiodegradable product symbolMade In The UK

    - Relieve baby nappy rash discomfort fast and keep it away with this all-natural nappy rash cream!

    - Contains natural anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties.

    - No synthetic fragrances, silicones, water or preservatives.

    - With Calendula infused organic rice bran, safflower and coconut oil.

    - 100% plant based, natural, biodegradable, cruelty free.

    - This nappy cream for your baby's bottom won a Gold Award in the Nappy Cream Category of The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2021.

     The best protective barrier cream you can get for sensitive baby’s skin is with this award winning nappy cream. It is a gentle and effective organic nappy rash ointment that will help keep rashes, itches and inflammation at bay.

    It is quite normal for babies and toddlers to experience and develop skin rashes, particularly in the nappy area from their nappies - as a parent of course you want to find the best prevent nappy rash and to relieve any discomfort to their sensitive skin fast.

    You can also buy this Award Winning Natural Nappy Rash Cream here.

    For some more useful reading about your babies rash, including 'What Exactly Is Nappy Rash?' and 'What Causes Nappy Rash?' to 'The Best Way To Prevent or Treat Nappy Rash!' then see The Ultimate Guide To Stop Nappy Rash.'

    A Quick Guide To Stop Nappy Rash!

    The best way to deal with nappy rash is to try to prevent your baby getting it in the first place. Try these simple steps to help prevent nappy rash and/or help you to clear it up from their sensitive skin:

    1. Check: their nappy regularly; every hour or so is good.

    2. Change: as soon as you discover a wet or dirt nappy change it!

    3. Breathe: allow your baby's nappy area to air 'breathe' briefly between changes.

    4. Bathe: a once-a-day bath, but remember, no soaps or lotions on their delicate skin!

    5. Dry: after bathing, dry your baby carefully and gently and allow a little time of exposure to the air prior to putting on their new clean nappy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

I cannot rate this highly enough! We’re now using it with our second little one and between them both they’ve only had nappy rash once!

It’s amazing with the cloth nappies too not staining or leaving any horrible marks!

I buy all my pregnant friends a nappy cream when their little ones arrive!

Rebecca is also unbelievably helpful and kind!

We use many products from her and cannot recommend enough!

Alice C
A Lifesaver

It really does work as advertised and last for ages - fast effective soft gentle great value and natural - if my baby Lou could write she'd be saying thank you too!

Mandie B
Does The Job Perfectly!

I found this nappy rash cream from another website when I was checking out the Green Parent Awards - I can see now why it won gold, deservedly! Great product; now my little one's bottom is safe and rash-free - thanks a bunch from both of us x

Mary Beauchamp
Simply the best!

I used it on baby no 1, Nicola, and it was exceptional; no sores, blisters or rashes. So now back again with no 2, Olivia. I trust these products 100%, not an easy thing to say when it's your own children you are applying them to, but in this case I do, they're first rate.

Thanks Mary for posting your review and for trusting our products on your children! So glad to hear they work for you! Rebecca

Nicci Louise Simpson
No more sores!!

I'm super pleased to be stocking this product... after testing ourselves we've made the switch!! . My son Ollie wasnt prone to much nappy rash but he's been absolutely clear not just this but I'm free from reactions too No more blisters, no more sores! Since having Ollie I've suffered some awful reactions to alot of creams we've used for bathing and nappy changes with Ollie (including some big brands offering sensitive baby creams for babies) which shocked me.