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This Great Video Shows You How Simple It Is To Use A Shampoo Bar!

June 23, 2016

The Best Natural Shampoo From The Solid Bar Company

Hello Rebecca here again,

Image of Rebecca Bennett The Solid Bar Company CEO

I've had so many queries about the shampoo and conditioner bars recently that I decided it would be best to make this quick video for you all to see.

All our hair care bars have been created especially for you from the finest available ingredients; so why not check out our great value super reviewed Travel Hair Care and our Home Hair Care Shampoos and Conditioners now! 

They are a chemical free, sulfate and paraben free and even better than that all our shampoo and conditioner bars are 100% vegan..

Made in small easy to manage bars they are super-concentrated, biodegradable and simple and safe for you to use on all hair types, normal hair, dry hair, oily hair, colored hair, frizzy hair, whatever your type.

We have also created a full complementary range of luxury hair conditioners that are equally easy to use and guaranteed to leave your hair tangle free and full of luster like never before. 

Best regards,


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