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The Solid Bar Company Review From Tiffany In Houston

1 min read

The Solid Bar Company Review From Tiffany In Houston

Whether you bought our 100% vegan, sls-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free natural shampoos, organic conditioners, our super strength deet-free bug bars with PMD for mosquitoes and noseeums, super-moisturising lotion bar or simple organic soap bars we look forward to reading your reviews.

Now, at The Solid Bar Company, we've stepped the game up a notch and we are welcoming our customer feedback in video format as well, and this is our very first customer video review!

It comes from Tiff in Houston in Texas who bought, tried and fell in love with our luxury hair care bars.

We will be posting more video reviews from our customers all across our customer base so send yours in now!

So get filming now!

Best wishes,

The Solid Bar Company Team

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