The Best Protection Is Sometimes The Simplest!

April 29, 2017 2 min read 2 Comments

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As a parent you will know that your new born child is the most precious thing in your world, and also the most vulnerable. 

Unlike most other mammals newborn humans are dependent on their parent’s guidance and supervision for many years.  By way of comparison, and to bring this dependency into perspective, check out early life stages of two other mammals.

Image of two rabbits

Looking at the rabbit, after a relatively short, 30 day, gestation period the doe gives birth to her young or kittens. They are born blind and ‘naked’ (or furless) and initially survive of their mother’s highly nutritious milk. There is around an 85% mortality rate in these young. By 4 or 5 weeks of age, for the survivors, they are weaned and self-sufficient and mature enough to continue the life cycle by breeding themselves.

At the other extreme of the size scale new born giraffes find their feet and are able to walk on their elongated legs within a few hours of being born.

A baby giraffe at The Solid Bar Company

Human babies, however, are a different story. They aren’t able to lift their heads for the first couple of months, at four months they’re still rolling around, at six months they will be sitting up on their own, possibly standing by nine months and taking their first quite literally baby-steps by about twelve months.  All of this still under the watchful eye of their parents/guardians. 

It might be a good moment to suggest that you could benefit from reading our guide to nappy rash, why it happens and how to deal with it effectively here. 

Image of a newborn child at The Solid Bar Company

So it almost goes without saying that they need your protection during these early phases of their life. Their skin is not only their first line of defence but also the largest organ in the body playing many vital roles in regulating and protecting muscles, bones and other vital organs that are shielded within.  

As well as offering a first barrier to infection and disease through the nerves it contains, their skin also detects heat, pain, touch and other external influences both good and bad – and they still need it to last a lifetime.  

Now is the time to start protecting it for them. Our nappy balm is mild and effective with the purest of ingredients to keep rashes, itches and inflammation away from the most sensitive of areas; our two children and many of our happy customers will attest to that. 

So forget the rest and get the best; it’s time you started to treat your child’s skin with the love it deserves by using the best Award Winning Nappy Cream.

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from all at The Solid Bar Company.

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The Solid Bar Company Team
The Solid Bar Company Team

May 20, 2017

Thanks you for reading our blog posts so thoroughly Jeannie. Of course you are right, our oversight – duh – , a turtle is of course a reptile! We are amending the blog post to recognize this fact. Thanks and hope you enjoyed reading the articles nonetheless?


May 20, 2017

Sea turtles are not mammals.

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