How To Look After Your Skin The Natural Way!

April 28, 2021 7 min read

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Natural Skin Care

Keeping our skin looking young and smooth is seen a priority by many and a ‘that would be good if possible’ by others.

However, what is of equal or even greater importance is soothing the skin and treating it after it suffers. Whether that’s at the hands of bugs or simply the elements.

Given that your skin is the largest organ in the body, it’s well worth protecting and you're never too young, or too old, to start!

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The Solid Bar Company produces a wide range of eco-friendly, plant-based and 100% vegan and biodegradable skin care products, which come together to form their natural lotions and balms collection.

This is a series of organic skin care products with totally natural ingredients, perfect for vegetarian and vegan users. Like all The Solid Bar Company’s luxury personal care products, the lotion and balm collection have been produced in a completely cruelty-free way.

This particular selection of sustainable personal products not only serve as among the best moisturisers for dry skin but can also be used to soothe sensitive skin on babies and young children or people suffering from the increasingly common skin ailments of eczema or psoriasis.

Insect bites, a common irritant particularly during the summer months, are also more than treatable with The Solid Bar Company’s fresh products.


Baby's Skin - Is Extra Protection Required?

Virtually everyone knows that a baby’s skin is delicate and overly sensitive. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cover them up in every conceivable way. It just means that their skin reacts differently to fabrics, the elements and other external influences.

Baby Care Products


It is recommended not to bathe a new-born more than once or twice a week since they don’t really get all that dirty. However, when it comes to things like nappy changes, this is where skin irritation is an inevitable consequence no matter how carefully or how frequently you do it.

Whilst you are here, don't miss out on this fabulous comprehensive read "8 Things To Know About Nappy Rash & How To Deal With It!" - it tells you pretty much everything you need to know about nappy rash and how to deal with it quickly and effectively!

But treating the irritation becomes easy since The Solid Bar Company released a balm specifically catered to the new-born skin.

Everything you need to add that layer of remedial protection is contained in every use.

Don't forget that it's not just baby's skin that needs protection - we also have a great natural vegan Cuts and Scrapes Balm for older children and adults as there's never an upper age limit for needing a skin healing aid!

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What Is That Itch? – A Note On Insects Bites.

    Whether it’s at a barbecue in your neighbour’s back garden or while on holiday somewhere, during the summer, we always seem to put ourselves in the path of mosquitoes and other creatures that want a piece of us. 

    If you've forgotten to apply the best natural insect repellent then mosquito bites and those from other insects, such as sand flies, no-see-ums, chiggers and midges are going to be itchy and downright irritating.

    What is the reason for that? If we take mosquitoes as the example, when they bite, they inject a little of their saliva into us at the same time. That’s what actually causes the raised bump(s) on the skin and the itchiness – this is our bodies natural allergic defence reaction to the saliva invasion.

    Therefore, we require a skin treatment with ingredients that have natural antihistamine-like properties such as those found in The Solid Bar Company’s special After–Bite Relief Balm.

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    It's All In The Recipe

      So, what’s the secret? In truth, it all comes down to the natural and organic ingredients these lotions and balms contain.

      All have been carefully selected for their inbuilt healing and/or protective properties, which come to create some very effective skin nourishing cosmetics.

      We will get up close and personal with a few of them to show you what makes these products totally unmissable and irresistible.


      Calendula Essential Oil

        Calendula essential oil is one of the key ingredients in The Solid Bar Company’s baby–oriented product. Hence its name – the Calendula Nappy Change Balm.

        By taking full advantage of its anti-inflammatory and antiviral qualities, calendula oil can protect and prevent any baby or young child against common rashes and itchiness they may experience following the regular change.

        Since babies’ and children’s skin is sensitive, acquiring bruises and scrapes will be far easier. Calendula oil in a balm or lotion works just as well to alleviate any pain, again thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties.


        Juniper Berries and Juniper Essential Oil.

          They’re not just a flavouring for gin, you know! Juniper berries and their essential oil have properties that act as natural antihistamines.

          This makes them perfect ingredients to put in lotions and balms to fight against allergic reactions, such as insect bite remedies for example.

          It is otherwise effective as a treatment for skin afflictions all along the severity scale. From relatively minor things like acne to the more serious such as psoriasis.

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          Basil Essential Oil

            Basil essential oil is a common ingredient in The Solid Bar Company’s organic skin care products, along with many other natural cosmetics. This is due to its restorative qualities – particularly good on dull–looking skin.

            Basil oil’s properties can stimulate the natural tone and colour in the user’s skin to bring it back to its former, glorious lustre.

            Aside from that, it will also do an excellent job in treating acne and eczema.


            Frankincense Essential Oil

              You will also see frankincense essential oil in a number of skin care products and treatments. It is an astringent – a protector of skin cells. What more could you wish for when it comes to luxury personal care products?

              Celebrated for its proficiency as an anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle remedy and use in the treatment of any aesthetic issues on the skin, such as acne and expanded pores.

              Applying in lotion or balm form will also help moisturise and tighten the skin, which in turn reduces any sign of ageing.

              Look out for skin care products with frankincense essential oil on the ingredients list - like our Rosewood Hand Lotion!

              You can read even more about the amazing attributes to be found in frankincense essential oil here.


              We Have A Few Other Treats In Store Too

                As well as all the products mentioned so far we will also soon be having some other excellent natural balms that you can use every day. 

                Such as an anti-stress lotion which you rub into pressure points. The natural scents and essential oils used in the ingredients have all been used to treat symptoms of autism and ADHD.

                Anti-Stress Lotions

                The floral variant contains a restful blend of essential oils to lift the mood and reduce anxiety including: clary sage, natural lemon and ylang ylang essential oils that are also used to treat symptoms of autism and ADHD.

                Make sure you check out our new Sleep Easy Balm too. This is a 100% vegan and natural balm to promote a restful night’s sleep.

                Made with a blend of calming lavender, Chamomile with infused hops, a natural sleep inducer for restlessness, excitability and insomnia and to aid relaxation and sleep.

                 Sleep Easy Balm


                Let's Not Forget The Frequently Overlooked Benefits Of Water-Free Cosmetics

                  Now, don’t look at this section and start to think “Is water bad for my skin! How can that be? I’ve been bathing in it all my life!”

                  Of course water is not bad for your skin at all; in fact, keeping your skin hydrated is of great importance.

                  However, when it comes to skin care products like lotions and balms, having water among the ingredients often defeats the object. That is, most of it actually evaporates on the skin before it gets absorbed. In the evaporation process, some of the natural oils on the skin are taken with it, ultimately making the skin drier than it was, to begin with!

                  Also many products on the market are heavily bulked out with water, or as it is more frequently labelled in order to add a little exotica and mystique to disguise the practice, aqua.

                  The Solid Bar Company has taken note of these issues. As such, all their products including their lotions and balms collection is entirely water free.

                  As extra bonus to the luxurious natural ingredients, all The Solid Bar Company's products are anhydrous, containing no water, so they are lighter, less bulky to carry and, unlike their counterparts which because of the liquid content are invariably packaged in plastic, they are packaged in recyclable and/or biodegradable materials which all makes good sense for the planet as well as the consumer. 


                  The Benefits Of Paraben Free Cosmetics

                    All of The Solid Bar Company products have been created to be totally eco-friendly and biodegradable. That also means not including any chemical additives or artificial preservatives like parabens for their cosmetics.

                    Parabens are a type of chemical compounds that are often found in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. However, their notoriety these days is not due to their effectiveness at their job, but for the potential risks, they pose to their users.

                    Reports and studies have recorded the possibilities that certain parabens can imitate oestrogen and other hormones, plus cause certain more serious conditions such as breast and testicular cancer.

                    The Solid Bar Company’s products are all created cruelty-free. They aim that to mean for their customers after purchase as well as during manufacture. As such, they will never have anything to do with parabens for any of their products.

                    That way everybody - you the customer, us the creators of these wonderful natural vegan products and all of mother nature - can relax and rest easy in the knowledge that whilst all these products have been created to be good for you they are also good for the planet!

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                    So all that should you help you look after body, mind and soul in a more natural way!

                    Best wishes from The Solid Bar Company Team


                    (This article was updated on 28th April 2021)
                    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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