How To Apply Bug Repellent Effectively!

June 28, 2024 3 min read

How To Properly Apply Bug Repellent

Yes there is a right way and a wrong way or, more to the point, an effective way and an ineffective way to apply bug repellent!

Back Pack Bug Sprayer

A little application of bug repellent here and there won’t work, whichever one you use. A squirt on the back of your shirt or a puff of spray above your head won’t do the trick either.  

On the other hand there is such a thing as overkill if you're considering getting a backpack of chemical bug repellent like the guy above! 

Regardless of formulation and active ingredients contained in your bug repellent, it won't work if you don't put it on properly.  

Whether it is a cream, lotion, gel, roll-on, pump-spray or aerosol, you need to ensure you have applied a complete covering of a thin, even coating on all exposed areas of your skin. If you miss even just one little bit the sand flies, midges, mosquito or noseeums will find that spot and attack it with relish.  

We've all seen people using spray bug repellents where 75%+ misses the target and gets blown away into the wind, one of the many good reasons to switch to our natural bug repellent collection!

Bug spray missing target

Our bug repellent is a lotion bar containing 12 natural active bug repellent ingredients that should be applied by gently rubbing onto your exposed skin as required and will last as long as a deet-based bug repellent. Our large bars can provide up to 40 applications which don't get blown away in the wind or evaporate as they contain no water!  

Also remember that throughout the course of the day you will sweat the bug repellent off, rub it off or even wash it off while swimming, so keep in mind that you’ll need to reapply your chosen bug repellent regularly.  

The regularity of further applications depends on numerous factors so adapt this to your environment and use your common sense to reapply bug repellents as protection wanes and mosquitoes, noseeums, midges and/or other bugs start to bite. 

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Awesome Lemongrass Repellent

Additionally, if you wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to add extra protect from the bites remember that darker colours tend to attract the flying pests and even though pale clothing won’t repel bugs it has been proven to be less attractive to them, so maybe you won’t attract as many.

It is also worth considering wearing loose-fitting clothing, not skin tight, so they cannot bite directly through the clothes to your skin.

Inevitably there will be bites whatever you use, but hopefully with the right product and due care in application these will be kept to a minimum (maybe even none!) and you can have the perfect vacation.

If you do receive bites, it is the excruciating after-itch from the small red dot of the 'bite' area that can be difficult to resist scratching!

But you must resist, as not only can it last for up to two weeks, scratching can make the itchy bites last twice as long and lead to infected sores. Our Insect Bite Relief Balm created just to relieve this itch will help - apply BEFORE you scratch!

It would seem obvious that avoidance is the best course of action by using effective deterrent applications if you are visiting areas where they inhabit.

Perfect bug repellent application advice from The Solid Bar Company

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Best wishes and stay safe,

from The Solid Bar Company Team


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