Road Trip.

December 10, 2014 1 min read

Ok I confess, we've been away for a few days.  Now we're back it seems like it's been for ever.  Home sweet home is sometimes never truer than after a road trip, at least that's how it felt when we sank back into our own beds last night.

In fact it's only been five days, but......with two young children in tow and when it takes a lot of pre-planning to just go on the school run or down to the shops, you can imagine what a 5 day car trip which involved 19 hours of travelling for over 1200 miles involved!

Anyway, it was worth it.  After all when do you ever get the opportunity to see a lion playing the drum?  Or a zebra playing the guitar?

Yep that's right; not every day!

So where did we get to?  Some of the place names of the towns we passed through read like a trip through Africa, Europe and the Middle East: Leicester, Carthage, Lebanon, KIngston and Newport to name but a few.  But no, we didn't leave America at all.

The reason for the trip?  As a sort of double birthday gift for our daughter (birthday just gone) and for me (birthday just coming); so ziplining in the Smokies for her and music in Nashville for me!

And of course the crazy sight of the zebra, lion and many other musically inclined suspended animals for everyone.

Glad to be back.

The Solid Bar Company Team

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