The Three Wise Products!

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The Three Wise Men from The Solid Bar Company

I want to tell you a short story, or parable if you like.

“Our paths almost crossed.  The guy with the gun came off his flight into the transit hub at much the same time that we were rushing for our flight through. 

We three were racing to get home for Christmas, and to greet the new family arrival, with our gifts packed in hand luggage.  Luckily, I had my favourite organic Frankincense Soap which is a non-liquid solid bar, so as an approved carry-on product I zipped through to the gate without delay.

Melchior, despite my recommendation to bring the Calming Patchouli Candle with the golden color, had brought his own product with loads of water content, so he was held up by security.  Caspar got stopped too; he’d left the Myrrh Travel lotion behind and opted for a heavy liquid laden gift too.

Meantime the whole transit zone moved into lock down mode; they both got 'quarantined' and missed the flight.

I flew north with my onward flight to Lehigh Valley International Airport, my final destination Bethlehem just a 10 minute drive from there, and stretched across the two extra seats wondering whether Mel and Cas would survive, get home in time and see the error of their ways.”

The message to all sensible citizens is clear: In order to avoid airport delays, and get your special gifts hand-delivered on time this Holiday Season, try our lightweight, compact, liquid free and planet-friendly range of products at The Solid Bar Company!

Best wishes to all and a very Merry Christmas,

The Solid Bar Company Team

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