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Which Is The World's Deadliest Animal?

February 02, 2017

Warning sign for deadly animals

Is it sharks, which on average cause just 6 deaths per year?

A Shark image at The Solid Bar Company

Is it the elephant, which causes a mere 500 deaths per year?

Image of an elephant at The Solid Bar Company

Is it the crocodile, which causes 1,000 deaths per year?

Image of a crocodile at The Solid Bar Company

Is it the dog. the maybe not so aptly named 'man's best friend', which causes around 35,000 deaths per year?

Image of a dog at The Solid Bar Company

Is it snakes which, worldwide, cause 100,000+ deaths per year?

Image of a snake at The Solid Bar Company

Or is it even humans, which according to the latest available data cause around 437,000 deaths per year?

Image of humans at The Solid Bar Company

No, none of these.  You need to think smaller, much smaller.

At the number one spot lies the, apparently not so humble, mosquito which is responsible in one form or another for over 730,000 human deaths per annum!

Image of a mosquito biting at The Solid Bar Company

Just through sucking blood from humans and then transmitting viruses from one host to another, the mosquito, this seemingly insignificant yet annoying creature, is responsible for the most animal related deaths worldwide year on year.

Data On The World's Deadliest Animals

Back in 2004 it was reported in Time Magazine that malaria sickened 300 million people and killed 3 million.  But it's not just malaria that is transmitted by mosquitoes, they carry and transmit dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya virus, zika virus and encephalitis.

To add to their position as the World's Most Deadly Animal it is their sheer number around the globe; du ring the peak season they outnumber every other animal on earth except the termites and the ants.  Perhaps more significant is that, unlike the other animals listed above, mosquitoes breed in almost all countries of the world with just one or two exceptions.

So maybe it's time to rethink your bug repellent options.

Stay safe and bite free!

The Solid Bar Company Team



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