Holidays Are Coming, Make Your T-Lights!

October 16, 2018 1 min read

Easy Classic Tea Lights from The Solid Bar Company


It's getting towards the Holiday Season so get preparing!

You seem to see tea lights everywhere brightening the table for family celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

So, why not try making your own now? It's really easy and fun too!


Colored Soy Tea Lights from The Solid Bar Company 

There's plenty of time, the ingredients are easy to get hold of, the recipe is easy to follow and the finished result can add that extra glitz to your table.

There's even a short video to watch here too!


So what's stopping you?

Absolutely nothing and you'll be amazed at how quickly you become creative!

To add that touch of colour don't forget you can easily obtain candle wax dyes of your choosing online (EBay or Amazon) or in your local hobby store.

Just be sure not to try and use food colouring (I'm afraid we know of someone who inadvertently tried this!) as they are primarily water-based and candles are wax and/or oil based so they are 100% incompatible.

But, if you really are that pressed for time, you can always buy some of our ready scented 100% soy candles here.  All now ready for the Holiday Season!

Best wishes for the up and coming Season, and happy creating,

from The Solid Bar Company Team

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