Up A Gum Tree - Some Fascinating Facts About Eucalyptus

January 14, 2015 1 min read

Koala up an eucalyptus tree

This expression is believed to originate from the native home of the Eucalyptus tree, Australia, as an abbreviation of 'like a possum up a gum tree'.  As an aside, native Aboriginals also make their musical didgeridoos from the hollowed trunks of the tree!

Anyone familiar with the Eucalyptus will be aware that it exudes a great deal of 'gum' from within. What many will not be aware of is the numerous beneficial characteristics of Eucalyptus essential oil steam distilled from its leaves.  

The list is seemingly endless:  asthma, brain blood flow, bronchitis, congestion, coughs, diabetes, disinfectant, dysentery, ear inflammation, emphysema, expectorant, fever, flu, hypoglycaemia, increasing circulation, inflammation, jet lag, kidney stones, lice, measles, neuralgia, stretched muscles, pain, pneumonia, respiratory viruses, rhinitis, shingles, sinusitis, and tuberculosis to name but a few……….!

Whilst we are not claiming that our Organic Rosemary, Tea Tree and Walnut Blend Foot Lotion  will cure all of the above despite its abundance of quality organic ingredients, including Eucalyptus Essential Oil, it will certainly invigorate your tired feet!

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