Award Winning Natural Shampoo Bars

Award Winning Natural Shampoo Bars

Our award-winning best bars of shampoo are manufactured in the UK. They are pH balanced with gentle, foaming, vegan ingredients to form a convenient solid bar undiluted with water and without the need for plastic.

They will reduce build-up without stripping the hair, leaving it as shiny, clean and healthy hair should be. Follow this shampoo wash with one of our conditioner bars for soft, tangle-free hair.

What’s the difference between the solid shampoo bars?

The Luxury Bars

These bars all have the same base ingredients and come in four different scents which slightly affects their outcome. They each have SEVEN foaming ingredients (the more you have, the milder the bar) along with a plant-based foam booster (great to help with foaming in hard water areas), as well as salon ingredients such as oat protein, pro-vitamin B5, and a silicone plant-based alternative. This makes them great for hard water.

All four bars are excellent for tackling frizzy hair, for humid control, and locking in moisture and they are all sulfate free and plastic free shampoos!

The ‘Woodland’ is by far the heaviest and most moisturising for the hair due to the essential oils used in that bar. It is the best shampoo bar for thick hair, straight or very curly hair as well as dry hair, and frizzy hair.

The 'Orange' are the lightest and have the most limonene content (a good cleaner).

The 'Herbal' have a six essential oil blend that gives it a clean citrus/minty scent including Rosemary and Eucalyptus, and is the best shampoo bar for hair growth and dandruff. It also contains Bergamot and Spearmint known to be stimulating and regenerating.

The 'Botanical' has relaxing Geranium and Patchouli, musty with a slight floral tone, and is the most popular scent of the luxury range (also available in our soaps and deodorants). The Botanical bars of shampoo are a little lighter than the Woodland and is also the best moisturising shampoo that isn’t too heavy, even on fine hair.

Our Purple bars are also made with the ‘Botanical’ scent for grey hair; are the best shampoo bars for silver hair and lifting highlighted hair.  However, if your hair doesn’t suffer from frizz then the ‘Essential’ or '2-in-1 bars are also a good option.

Choose either the normal/dry or normal/oily variant formula to suit your hair, then follow with our detangling conditioner bars.

The Essential Bars

The 'Essential' range contains 5 gentle, foaming ingredients with a plant-based foam booster (great for foaming in hard water areas). They are offered in two naturally scented blends of ‘Orange’ or ‘Herbal’ and are free of any artificial fragrances.

Just like the luxury bars, they also contain oat protein and pro-vitamin B5 which add both protection and shine to the hair. They don’t contain a silicone alternative so if your hair is prone to frizz, then we would suggest the ‘luxury’ shampoo and conditioner range.

Otherwise, they are a great every day bar that beat 350 liquid shampoos in the Top Sante awards, and as a simplified version of the luxury bars, they are offered 30% cheaper.

Choose either the sulphate free shampoo for normal/dry hair or the normal/oily variant formula to suit. Follow with our detangling conditioner bars.

2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Lastly, the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bars also have 5 surfactants, along with a plant-based foam booster (for hard water areas), two humectants, combined with the very best in light, conditioning, and detangling ingredients.

They are available in the family favourite 'Orange' scent as well as the precious 'Frankincense' blend, working well as a convenient bar that saves on time, money, and water.

They will feel a little different from using separate bars but the outcome is fantastic, giving you soft, shiny, and manageable hair. They are the best shampoo bars for all hair types and don't require additional conditioning.

These alternative bars of shampoo are the most effective for curly hair and are great for people with damaged hair or sensitive skin, those who prefer gentle products, and anyone looking for an alternative to harsh chemicals in their beauty routine. They are made with all-natural ingredients that won't strip your hair of its natural oils.

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