Luxury Orange Conditioner Bar

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    -  This salon standard ‘Luxury Orange Conditioner Bar’ is an excellent, concentrated detangler without water or plastic.

    -  It has anti-frizz, anti-static and detangling properties including for weak/damaged hair.

    -  This is our lightest luxury conditioner bar, it is suitable for medium fine to medium thick hair.

    -  A refreshing Sweet Orange peel scent for all the family, with natural anti-bacterial properties that leaves a light, orange scent to your hair.

    -  Use with our gentle foaming ‘Luxury Orange Shampoo Bar’.

    -  If you have ‘normal-oily’ hair select ‘Normal-Oily’ from the dropdown menu. This has a lighter orange butter that is naturally high in limonene so less moisturising but still suitable for medium fine to thick hair. 

    -  For lighter hair types, head over to our ‘Essential’ bars for ‘Normal-Dry’ hair.

    -  For a lighter oily hair conditioner bar, head over to our ‘Essential’ Orange and Herbal conditioner bars.

    -  Includes vegetable Keratin and two plant-based silicon alternatives for improved wet combing ability, elasticity, frizz control and shine. 
    -  Also with oat protein for hair strengthening and Pro-Vitamin B5 for volume, texture and shine.

    -  To find the most suitable shampoo and conditioner bars for your general hair type, check out our ‘match your hair’ page here: 

    -  Our Small/travel conditioner bar size of up to 30 washes is available in our ‘Botanical’ scent

    - Cationic hair conditioner bar – find your Perfect Hair Conditioner Bar
    - Salon approved
    - Standard size bars up to 60 washes
    - Can also be used as a shaving soap bar for both face and body
    - Plastic free and zero waste
    - SLS, silicone and paraben free
    - Cruelty free
    - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • -  To find the most suitable shampoo and conditioner bars for your hair type, check out our ‘Match Your Hair’ guide. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Hannah John
Creamy and fresh-smelling

Pleasant to use and leaves my hair in good condition

Hi Hannah - thank you for being a customer and for writing that positive review for the Luxury Orange Conditioner Bar - we look forward to seeing yoiu back soon! Kind regards, The Solid bar Company Support Team


I did my research when looking for a bar shampoo and found this. I wanted something similar to the conditioner I get from my hairdressers and I wasn't disappointed. After just one wash it is light and shiny. I have incredibly thick hair and thr conditionerleft it tangle free. It doesn't feel claggy or coated. I'm quite sensitive to smells and this orange is nice. I was worried it would be too much but I like it. Thanks

Clare Yarker
Smells lovely and fresh

The conditioner smells lovely and works it was nicely through my hair. It didn't lather up as well as I thought it would however this may be because I didn't use enough or its not designed to do that. However it worked well with my shampoo bar and I will definitely stay with it!

Hi Clare, you're right, Conditioners don't foam, if you think of even any traditional conditioner bottle you've bought in the past it won't foam, as they're cationic (non-foaming) ingredients that close the hair shaft and allow the cuticle to lay flat after using the foaming shampoo anionic surfactants! I hope that clarifies your doubts. Rebecca

Annabel Smith
Leaves my hair in great condition!

As with the shampoo, this conditioner bar is excellent. I put it in a sisal soap bag to rub off what I need and leave it on for a minute or two to do it’s work. It leaves my hair soft and untangled and shiny and feeling great!

Thanks again Annabel - and a great tip for some users to maybe try also about the sisal soap bag method!

Jane D
The perfect solution

I have tried several solid shampoo bars in my efforts to reduce plastic in the house, unfortunately experiencing itchy scalps and dry hair. Finally I have found the perfect solution, my hair feels and looks noticeably better than it did with my expensive shampoos and conditioners, highly recommended.