The Benefits Of A Simple Pink Coffee Scrub

January 26, 2020 4 min read

Pink Himalayan Salt

How To Make A Simple Pink Coffee Scrub

I like pink rock salt. Just the fact it’s natural and pink, never mind that it has 84 trace minerals and elements, how cool is that! 

And coffee - another favourite - I love coffee!  Did you know coffee has more notes than wine?  I didn’t know that until I spoke to a local coffee roaster recently.

 The Himalayan Mountains

This particular salt has a beautiful pale rose pink hue and is mined from ancient salt beds deep in the Himalayan Mountains. It is said to boost circulation, calm inflammations, help with conditions such as psoriasis and eczema as well as relieve tension and stress. 

Epsom salts are also included in this recipe, not only as a way to help lock in the essential oil scent but as another healthy addition due to its high magnesium content which helps promote sleep, reduce stress and soothe aches and pains. 

Oils are added to spread the salts and for re-hydration and moisturisation.  They will also nourish and soften the skin and some will even naturally attract moisture to your skin such as olive oil or avocado oil.  Other carrier oils that could be used include almond oil, apricot oil, grape seed oil or even a mix.  For acne prone skin, a little Jojoba oil could be mixed with hazelnut or sesame oil. 

Olive Oil

A fine grained, luxury salt body scrub will gently clear away dead skin cells and generally make you feel tingly, relaxed and alive all at the same time; there’s no other way to describe it. 

With the essential oil blends combined with the slightly salty scent, it always has a wonderful aroma reminiscent of a spa or beach holiday; perfect to scrub away those winter blues!

This blend uses roasted coffee oil, Rosewood and Bergamot essential oils, so has a lovely coffee aroma with slight woodsy floral and citrus notes coming through and it’s really simple to make, which is why I have included it in my recipes!  I only like simple, effective recipes that give back.  You don’t even need to use a heat source as I remember making tons of these during power outages when we lived in the Caribbean!

Coffee beans

The high levels of caffeine found in the coffee oil is prized for being stimulating and energising, with a high number of antioxidants and helps balance the moisture levels in the skin, so is particularly good as an anti-ageing ingredient.  Indian sourced Rosewood oil has a lovely woodsy floral scent is an anti-depressant and also has tissue regenerating properties so good for pre-mature ageing and wrinkles.  Stress relieving Bergamot is the final oil included, it has a lovely citrus scent, is warm, energising with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Finally, it is necessary to add a little preservative, since although the mixture is oil based, it will likely be coming into contact with water and you don’t want any nasty bacteria growing.  I have listed where you can buy this below.

Use your scrub mix once a week to exfoliate your body.  Apply a small amount of the mixture to your arms, legs and tummy and rubbing in small circular motions towards the direction of your heart.  This can ideally cover from your neck right down to the soles of your feet. You can use your hands with or without a flannel or exfoliating glove.  Rinse and wash off using one of our highly moisturising Castile soaps here.

Soap, towel and scrub brush for bathroom

Ideally, it is best to store the scrub in a 150g container that won’t rust and won’t break; if a glass jar is all you have it is an alternative eco-friendly option - just be careful with it in the bath room.

This scrub would also make a lovely gift!  So you could double or triple the recipe if you want to make some for friends and family.  I have limited the recipe to as few suppliers as possible to save on time and shipping.

Pink Coffee Scrub Recipe

To make 142g/5oz = enough for one 150 g container



(please note we are NOT affiliated with any supplier - we have used as few UK suppliers as possible for you in order to save on your postage and carbon footprint!)


  • Measure out the coffee oil, rosewood oil, bergamot oil and preservative 12 into a shot glass or similar container and keep to one side. 
  • Measure out the Himalayan salt, Epsom bath salts and place into the mixing bowl.  Add carrier oils.   Stir.  Add preservative and essential oils from shot glass.  Stir again well.
  • Put the mixture into container using spoon. 
  • You can always add a little more carrier oil if you like it quite oily (though it won’t travel well like this). 
  • Use within 8 weeks. 

Use, relax and enjoy!

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