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414 Awesome Lemongrass Bug Repellent - Tropical

  • - Noseeum bug repellent lotion - also for mosquitoes, gnats and midges right now.

    - Fast, simple, effective, natural, deet free, 100% vegan noseeum lotion repellent.

    - Recommended for outdoors, sports, fishing, hiking, gardening, as well as indoors when no see ums bother you - whilst protecting up to six (6) hours.

    - Concentrated, totally waterless repellent lotion formula to keep the noseeums off.

    - This 100% vegan Home size lotion = 6 x 4 oz  standard size repellent spray bottles; also see our smaller Travel size here.

    - Easy to apply, great scent and value for money and made in the USA; from age 3 years up. 

    - Contains: Rice Bran Wax (food grade), shea butter*, cocoa butter*, catnip* infused soybean oil*, coconut oil*, castor oil, cetyl alcohol, IPM, silicon oil, essential oils of lemongrass, litsea, naiouli*, geranium, neem*, lavender, peppermint, cedarwood*,  (* USDA Certified Organic.); that's 12 proven no-see-um repellent ingredients! Home Size is 2.5 oz net wt.

    - Don't check out without our natural Insect Bite Relief Balm here too!

    - You can read more about noseeums here!

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