Shampoo Bars Are Planet Friendly

Natural Shampoo Bars Are Planet Friendly 

Discover our range of shampoo bars that are all handmade with vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients. They are all supplied in plastic free, eco friendly packaging that can either be reused or recycled to help minimize waste and help reduce plastic pollution. They provide all the benefits of liquid shampoo but with none of the drawbacks, and they’re suitable for all hair types. 
These natural bars are a great, eco, plastic free, zero waste alternative to commercial shampoos. They are healthier for you and your hair in comparison to commercial shampoos, and are also a lot kinder to our planet. You will feel the difference when washing your hair with these bars are made with all sorts of remarkable, vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, and natural ingredients, that are soft and gentle for your hair and the planet. 
The obvious key difference between other commercial shampoos and these natural bars is that they are solid and do not come in plastic bottles!

Studies show that the UK discards over 500 million plastic shampoo bottles every year and only a very small percentage of those are actually suitable for recycling.

That means the majority will either end up in landfills or head to incineration plants; either way, they will be spoiling the environment around us. Not only is this detrimental to our planet, our oceans, and wildlife, but when plastic eventually does biodegrade after many years, it breaks down into microplastics! These microplastics then find their way into our waterways and cause harm to aquatic life.  

Now it is easier than ever to say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to a shampoo that is kind to your hair and to our planet with The Solid Bar Company!