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Our 100% vegan, waterless shampoos and conditioners are now available in new handy travel size bars so concentrated that one bar, equivalent to two standard size shampoo or conditioner bottles, will last 4-5 weeks and up to 16 washes!  They are biodegradable and made from the finest plant derived hair care ingredients available!  We use only natural essential oils for scent, all with Bug Repelling properties.  Not only that, they are light, compact, easy to use and excellent value for money.  So rather than carrying bulky, heavy bottles containing up to 90% water, you can now choose to travel light with your own favorite hair care products, especially as our solid bars are also airline Carry-On Approved.  Our herbal bars have a refreshing citrus, minty scent whilst our botanical bars have a relaxing Geranium, Lavender, Patchouli scent.  So whatever your hair type, (seriously) they work great for thick, thin, curly straight, frizzy hair.  Choose from 'normal/dry' or 'oily hair'.  First time user of Hair Care Bars?   Watch a short helpful video and see how easy and friendly they are to use!
111 Botanical Shampoo - Travel from $ 12.99
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112 Herbal Shampoo - Travel from $ 12.99
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211 Botanical Condition/Shave - Travel from $ 12.99
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212 Herbal Condition/Shave - Travel from $ 12.99
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