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Our Energize ‘carry on’ approved pack of 100% vegan, super light, concentrated, waterless bars contain the very best natural and organic ingredients available on the planet, so you can take a little luxury with you wherever you go.   The Energize packs will last from 1-3 weeks, perfect for vacation breaks near or far, camping trips, road trips, hiking trips and more.   Our Eco Energize 3 pack includes a salon standard shampoo bar (up to 12 washes), conditioner bar that doubles up as a shaving bar (up to 12 washes) and organic glycerin frankincense soap bar (up to 15 washes).   Our Eco Energize 4 pack includes the above plus our 9 natural ingredient Lemongrass bug repellent lotion bar (up to 20 applications) for protection up to 6 hours from mosquitoes, no see ums and other flying insects.  All the ingredients are palm free, paraben free, alcohol free, SLS free and plastic bottle free; with 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

011 Energize 4 Pack $ 33.99
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013 Energize 3 Pack $ 25.99
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