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Botanical Vegan Shampoo

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    - This shampoo bar is suitable for ALL hair types including coloured hair - it is chemical free, natural, botanical, solid, 100% vegan and guaranteed to leave your hair soft, smooth and full of lustre. This is probably one of the best hair shampoo bars in the UK.

    - You can choose a shampoo and conditioner set to match your hair type; normal/dry or oily.

    - Sulphate free, Paraben free, Silicon free and Cruelty free, 100% biodegradable with added Pro-Vitamin B5 and hydrolysed protein and BTMS for improved elasticity, manageability and shine.

    - The Botanical shampoo bar has a relaxing Geranium, Lavender, Patchouli scent - if you prefer a refreshing Citrus, Minty scent, try our Herbal Shampoo. 

    - We offer 2 sizes of this super concentrated vegan shampoo bar

    - The Small Size weighs 42 grams, is the equivalent to 2 standard size liquid shampoos and lasts up to 15+ hair washes

    - The Large Size weighs 94 grams, is the equivalent of up to 4 standard size liquid shampoos and lasts up to 30+ hair washes  

    - Best used with our Botanical 100% Vegan Conditioner.

    So simple to use. Wet hair. Wet bar and rub evenly over hair to create lather. Rinse. Follow with our conditioner bar. To prolong bar life, keep dry between uses.

    - Still not sure how? Then check out our easy step-by-step short explanatory video here.  Choose from the 'normal/dry' or 'oily' options to suit your hair type.

    - You can also read more of the history of shampoo and the positives for using shampoo bars versus normal liquid shampoos here.

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