Showers and Thunderstorms Likely!

July 21, 2017 1 min read 1 Comment

Many umbrellas covering a street

Showers and Thunderstorms Likely.

Florida is not the first place you think of when it comes to rain, showers, thunder, lightning and stormy weather.  In fact most people think of it as a fair weather destination for their vacation.

Couple sheltering from the rain

We all know that Florida State is known as the Sunshine State.  What is perhaps lesser known by many and that is the very name 'florida' comes from the Spanish for place of flowers or flowery and later this became the name for the Easter day, now traditionally celebrated on 2nd April, when it was first discovered by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León way back at the beginning of the 16th Century. 

Anyway, enough of history - back to today.

The local weather forecast for today was - mostly cloudy, with a steady temperature around 89 - South wind around 5 mph - Chance of precipitation is 60%.  New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

So what do you think - reliable or not?

With every cloud there is a silver lining, allegedly, so you could always take advantage of all this free warm fresh water from the heavens and try out our super moisturizing castile soap bars or even our 100% vegan Herbal Shampoo Bars and Botanical shampoo bars too!  

Wet rain soaked paving slabs

So stay safe and dry one and all and have great weekend!

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Mr Weather
Mr Weather

July 23, 2017

The weatherman never lies – I am one! Good vid by the way!

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