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Moisturising shea vegan body butter

Surely, there cannot truly be any such thing as vegetarian or vegan-friendly body butter?

Wrong. Such products do exist since the butter in question has not come from an animal!  Ok, that was a bit of a trick question to start with - so now I have your attention, let's move on to the real body butters!

Natural body butters like those sold by The Solid Bar Company are made with Shea butter – a product of the Shea tree, or rather, the Shea nuts - so totally plant based and vegan. This makes for much more eco-friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable personal products and cosmetics.

A shea tree 

As with all their fresh products, The Solid Bar Company aims for their body butters to be made from the best natural vegan Shea butter UK stores have ever sold.  The body butter range includes biodegradable body cream and face cream products, to serve as the best cream for dry skin and the best moisturiser for dry skin.

In short, The Solid Bar Company’s mission is to provide totally natural vegan skin care products and, in turn, transform them further into the luxury personal care products you all know and love so much.

Body butter

Not only do we want to inform you in this blog but also to persuade you to experience The Solid Bar Company’s body butter selection. To help with this, we’ve put a few of these vegan body butter's key features, uses and ingredients under the microscope for closer examination and your perusal as below.


Wrinkles face

As with their other skin nourishing products, The Solid Bar Company’s range of body butters and creams are deliberately designed to help alleviate the symptoms of a number of commonplace skin afflictions. From the minor irritants like eczema and acne to the more severe like psoriasis. They can also be used in reducing the prominence of things like cellulite and stretch marks.

Most of all, however, they can be effective as an anti-ageing remedy. Of course, it’s not going to be a case of applying once and all bags and wrinkles disappear. There’s a process the skin must undergo to restore itself to a youthful-looking lustre, which the body butter encourages. The key is in increased moisture, which body butters designed by The Solid Bar Company have tailored in their formulae by way of a number of their key ingredients. If used daily, our anti-ageing moisturiser can reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to their firming and moisturising properties.

Non-wrinkled face

Vitamins A and E, for example, have qualities capable of locking in moisture to the skin, keeping it tight and hydrated. This hydration also stimulates the skin’s self–restorative powers that usually work in the deep sleep stage of your night’s rest.

A relaxed person will have relaxed skin, which is why some ingredients in natural cosmetics and organic skin care products have properties designed to calm the consumer and combat stress.


Of course, the body butters and creams made by The Solid Bar Company are made entirely of natural ingredients, to maintain their vegan, vegetarian-oriented and cruelty-free status. This product in their range utilises the restorative and beneficial properties of citrus fruits.

But, no, don't worry, you won’t have stepped sideways into a fruit salad recipe as you carry on reading - we're just exploring exactly why these essential oils make these luxury personal care products total must-haves!



A noted and celebrated detoxification agent, grapefruit essential oil is no stranger to natural cosmetics and organic skin care products. The detoxing process catalysed by the presence of grapefruit oil in your body butter will purify any afflicted areas and have a restorative effect on the body and skin. A more youthful look and feel will be a natural consequence of this. Plus, it’s a natural fat burner!

It is also an effective combatant against excess oils in both the skin and hair. A great number of people suffer from oily skin and partner conditions that come with that complaint, such as acne. That’s where grapefruit oil comes in to play. Its properties naturally reduce the amount of oil in the skin and hair, leaving a clear and pure feel afterward.

Furthermore, grapefruit oil is on the list of those anti-stress ingredients we mentioned earlier. The aroma of the grapefruit essential oil has been clinically proven to ease fatigue and tackle depression. In short, it’s a natural relaxant, which, as we’ve already said, will make way for the skin’s restorative powers to do their work. And with that, younger-looking skin will be the result.



Do not be tempted to think that orange essential oils have the exact same properties, qualities, and benefits as its pink relative, the grapefruit. It has a fair number of differences that, when they work alongside one another, make for a very effective anti-aging and organic skin care remedy.

What grapefruit oil has in terms of calming effects, orange essential oil has properties you will want if anti-aging and skin nourishment is on the agenda. It also contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are great to note in anything you’re going to put on your skin.

But the benefits to the skin itself are threefold. When you find an anti-aging remedy, you want it to fulfil at the very least this trio of requirements - improved Vitamin C absorption; improved collagen production and improved circulation. So it's check, check and check again. Orange essential oil has all three points covered.



We have looked at the pink and at the orange; so what does the green have in store? Or rather, the lime essential oil, another of the key ingredients in The Solid Bar Company’s Citrus Body Butter product. In short, you can expect to gain a lot of the same qualities as found in its aforementioned 'cousins', plus a few others that are of medicinal value.

For example, it is a celebrated remedy against severe skin afflictions such as psoriasis, partly by way of its natural disinfectant and antiseptic properties. But it has also proven to be effective in reducing things like fever and joint pains, all of which can lead to increased stress if left untended.

relaxing body massage

Remember the keys to anti-aging are: a relaxed person means a relaxed body and that, in turn, leads to a relaxed skin. Any remedy for added stress will come in useful in an organic skincare product like these natural body butters.


Essential oils

Alongside citrus essential oils, The Solid Bar Company has also acknowledged the properties of certain popular plants and how they are effective in benefiting the skin and the consumer’s body and mood. For a number of their products - not just their body butter range - they have even taken inspiration from Eastern medicine.

As with the previous section, we feel getting up close and personal with a couple of the favourites from the botanical side of the ingredients list will fill your head with a multitude of reasons to go for these body butter products above all others. Let’s see what the magnifying glass can show us with one or two of these natural ingredients.


lavender fields

You don’t have to be an expert gardener or botanist to know the key property of lavender and, more specifically, lavender essential oil is its powers as a relaxant. Having trouble sleeping? A few drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow does the trick.

The same should be true when used in a body butter, which is why The Solid Bar Company dedicated a single product to lavender. With every use, you can experience total inner peace and relaxation, which will only encourage the skin’s natural restorative powers to do their work and shield you against bags, sags, and wrinkles.

PATCHOULI ESSENTIAL OILPatchouli flower at The Solid Bar Company

Here’s the little piece of Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian medicine that finds its way into a fair few of The Solid Bar Company’s products including the Botanical Body Butter. For very good reasons, we might add! It has been used as a skin treatment for hundreds of years; it has a lot of experience and a great reputation as a result.

Furthermore, it has been known to be particularly effective when used in conjunction with citrus oils such as the earlier discussed grapefruit essential oil, where it actually works as an appetite suppressant. While that may not have a direct effect on your skin health or quality, it may make a difference to your unhealthy food and snack intake, which will benefit your overall physical well-being.

So, isn't it time you took advantage of all these wonderful gifts from nature that help look after your skin?

Try our body butters today - you'll start to feel the benefits and the luxury immediately! 

Lavender Body Butter at The Solid Bar Company

Happy moisturising!

Best wishes from the The Solid Bar Company Team 

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*Please note our products have not been evaluated by the MHRA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical conditions.



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