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Labor Day Offer - Juniper Anti-Itch Balm Free With Every Order

September 01, 2017 2 min read

Juniper tree

North American customers can now buy our repellent products from our new website in North Carolina here.


Sometimes nature is just very beautiful, nothing else is required – take a look at a Juniper tree and you’ll see that it fits that bill perfectly.  

The berries have a lovely clear, intense blue color offset by the backdrop of deep green, needle-like leaves and a delicate yet refreshing pine forest scent. 

(For anyone in a hurry, the offer details are at bottom of the page!)

Juniper berries on a juniper tree

They are usually found in the western states of North America as well as South East Asia and Europe and are commonly harvested in the fall before the first frosts.

Probably best known for the use of their berries as the main ingredient in gin, originally from Holland where it was discovered by the British back in the 17th century during the ‘Thirty years war’. 

Gordons juniper gin

They were also discovered to be used medicinally much earlier than this, with juniper-based health related tonics appearing prominently in a Dutch publication as early as 1269 and commonly used by the navy with lime to prevent scurvy.

The berries contain anti-inflammatory and pain numbing properties and so make an excellent base for our anti-itch balm.

We infuse crushed, dried Juniper berries in organic Coconut oil over several days before adding Juniper Berry, Basil and lime essential oils, making a strong, natural and soothing anti-itch balm.

Basil is an important medicinal plant, due to its antioxidant, anti-microbial and stress fighting properties and is also included in our anti-itch balm.

Basil leaves

As basil also contains eugenol, which is also found in cloves, oregano and other herbs and spices, it provides the plant with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits that make an ideal and natural anti-itch balm ingredient. 

Lime too is in the mix. As a great source of vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals and known for its immune boosting, anti-cancer properties, plus its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this all helps make it an important and effective ingredient in our anti-itch balm.

Lime fruit on a lime tree

It is well worth mentioning that as a bonus, basil, lime and juniper are each also said to have mosquito repelling properties!

For this Labor bank holiday weekend only, we are offering a FREE anti-itch balm with every order.  

We will automatically add this free gift of the anti-itch balm to your order when we ship - and don't forget the shipping is FREE too!

This anti-itch balm is a very useful product to have on hand whilst travelling, or even at home, for all the family to ease and soothe this irritating after bite effects from mosquito bites, midge bites, noseeum bites and ant bites.

Anti-itch balm travel size

It will relieve many forms of itchiness, including those caused by biting insects such as mosquitoes, ants and no see ums in no time at all.

So, get browsing now  and really feel the benefit from an anti-itch balm free with your order!

Have a 'itch free' Labor Weekend with best wishes from,

The Solid Bar Company Team.


 NB - Please note this offer has now ended!

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