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Free Shipping Is Here - You Asked, We listened!

April 24, 2017

Free Shipping To The USA from The Solid Bar Company

It's always a good idea to listen to your customers, we do all the time.  

We recently surveyed you and asked what was most wanted from an online store (not just ours).  'Free Shipping' came back time and again as the top answer - well, after 'Everything Free' that is, of course!

 Customer survey for The Solid Bar Company 

There are a vast number of variable alternatives to free shipping already being offered out there in the marketplace.  They come all dressed up with fancy semantics such as:

  • Free Shipping to Members Only -  (not unlike Amazon Prime)
  • Free Shipping With Minimum Order Requirements - (hmmmm, really?)
  • Free shipping On Selected Items - (often seen as a prelude to closing down!) 
  • Free Site-To-Store Shipping -(used by many heavyweight big box stores)
  • Free Return Shipping - (like the catalogue stores)
  • Flat Rate Shipping - (can offer a substantial discount to customers)

But, ultimately they all mean the same - it's not really free!

Whereas the reality should be that ‘Free Shipping’, in the online business scenario, is no different to ‘Free Entrance’ into a brick-and-mortar store, so why not offer it and help your customers!

So 'Free Shipping' to the whole of the USA is now firmly on the table.  

Why?  Because we firmly believe that if we absorb this cost in the short-term as a loss, in the long term it should be seen as a smart sacrifice with a payoff down the road if this, what many might consider a, daring policy generates loyal customers and brand advocates.

Free shipping from The Solid Bar Company with no strings attached

So please enjoy and make the most of this gift from us to you - Free Shipping with no strings attached!

Best wishes from,

The Solid Bar Company Team

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