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For Man's Best Friend - A Brief Guide To Pet Shampooing!

May 10, 2017 2 min read 4 Comments

Image of dog getting washed at The Solid Bar Company

This look is probably one that most dog owners are familiar with......

Image of a dog having a wash and shampoo

.....roughly translated it says - what on earth do you think you are doing to me?

Where to begin?  Well it's probably best to make life as comfortable as possible for yourself first so, if you have a raised tub of any sort then this will certainly make life easier on you and your back, although whether this is viable will also depend on the size of your pet too!

Small dogs can be cleaned in your kitchen or laundry room sink. For larger dogs, depending on the weather, you have the option of using your indoor facilities such as your walk-in shower or bathtub or, if warm enough, outside using a garden hose.

Image of a puppy sitting in a drinking bowl

Obviously, for both you and your pet's sake, do ensure you keep him/her calm, safe and secure during the process. That means keeping the water at a good temperature and if you are using a tub, they're slippy to pets so, put a towel in the bottom. If you have someone to assist you, then all the better to soothe your pet.

Make sure that you keep your dog's eyes and ears shielded (with your hands or otherwise) from any pouring water.

Regardless of the type of shampoo used, it is best not to get any on/around your pet's head - if you have to, then tip their head upwards so the head is tilted back and rinse away from the eyes!

Image of a dog in a large tub being washed and having a shampoo
If you are using one of our Luxury Pet Shampoo Bars just lather the bar in your hand prior to applying to your pet's coat otherwise just pour a small amount of a liquid shampoo on the dog's back, lather in all over (except the head!) and then rinse thoroughly.

Then wash their head area gently, and carefully, with a wash cloth; keep this cloth afterwards just for your pet!

When you are done with the wet stuff, towel dry your pet or, if they are fairly 'relaxed' about the whole process, you can even try blow drying - but if the latter method, keep the heat on a low setting! Just make sure that your pet is totally dry when you think you have finished to ensure that they do not get a cold or a chill.

For more general help and advice please take a look at Cesar's Way - or if the matter is of a more urgent or medical nature then do not hesitate to contact your local veterinarian.

After all the above is complete, a treat of choice for both you will probably be in order! While you are here, make sure you're also feeding your pet the right amount in regard to their age, weight and activity level!


So, isn't it time to give your pet a treat then both of you will really feel and smell the difference.

As a little extra fun here we thought we'd add a dog age calculator so you don't forget just how old your 'best friend ' really is!

 Happy bath times,

from The Solid Bar Company Team.

4 Responses

James Hartwell
James Hartwell

November 03, 2018

Very informative article and now I love using your dog shampoo on my German shepherd “Freida” and she seems to like it too!

Brody Cutlership
Brody Cutlership

June 15, 2018

It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button – as I’d definitely donate to this outstanding blog! Great info and loved the link for the shampooing article too! thanks

Maisie Dee
Maisie Dee

November 12, 2017

Hello, just wanted to mention, I liked this blog post it was very useful as I’m new to this dog ownership/cleaning thing. So it was inspiring. Keep on posting and I’m buying the shampoo too!! xx

Waylon D
Waylon D

September 30, 2017

Wow, just what I was looking for, what useful information! Thank you.

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