At Last We've Made The BIG Move!

September 10, 2015 1 min read

Probably stating the obvious, but the astute amongst you (from the redesigning of the website, one of many pointers) will have noted that we have now relocated.

We are now in the US Virgin Islands; moving here a few months ago, just in time for the Hurricane Season. Dodged a few so far and as today is exactly half way through the 'Season' fingers are still firmly crossed.

Whilst no doubt a life here sounds idyllic to many, it in fact brings a whole host of unique and very different 'problems' when you are trying to run a business.  The temptations of 'beach life' are great but they have to wait until ALL work is done and dusted which, believe us, is not easy at times.  The hard reality, that the kids sometimes have difficulty in understanding, is that without the work first there would be no play later. 

More updates to follow, so until then back to the beach grindstone ;-)

Best wishes,

The Solid Bar Company Team

Ps.  Our Awesome Bug Repellent sure comes in handy here too!

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