Geranium Brings Peace Of Mind

July 06, 2017 1 min read

Image of a geranium flower

The scent of Geranium brings peace of mind with its uplifting floral aroma and is able to balance the body's estrogen levels as well as assist in the relief of anxiety and mild depression through its effect on the adrenal cortex.

It is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, used to treat both acne and eczema and is said to tighten the skin thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and generally restoring balance to both dry and oily skin and hair. 

Geraniums are not just attractive and super-scented flowers, the oil extracted from a steam distillation of the whole plant is also known for numerous other health and well-being benefits. 

In shampoos for dry, or even oily, hair it can balance the oils in our scalp and hair so that the individual hair strands are vitalized and look healthy. It actively works on the sebaceous glands present over our scalp to help regulate the secretion of sebum. As a result, we get smooth and silky locks.

It is also believed to promote healthy hair growth by nourishing and toning the scalp if geranium oil is applied to your hair, with other carrier oils, to give you long, flowy and healthy hair to envy

Possibly best of all, in my opinion, is the magical flowery aroma that a shampoo with geranium essential oil gives to your hair.

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The Solid Bar Company Team.

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